When using an Android mobile phone, the most preferred browser will be Google Chrome, right?

I use Google Chrome on my mobile when surfing online, but do you know we can find specific things on any page just like we do on Windows?

, If you want to find specific words on any page, we press CTRL+F & type the word we want to search for on desktop Chrome, right?

How to Control F in Chrome on Android

You may be wondering; we can also find a specific word on the Android Chrome browser while surfing but wait!! , Where is CTRL+F on Android? Let’s check out how we can do that on Android.

How to Find in Android Chrome

It’s quite easy to do in Google Chrome; here is how you can do that.

We have opened our blog on Chrome to show you an example. You can do the same thing for any websites you browse.

  • Open “Google Chrome” > Tap on options at the top right corner for “Settings.”
  • Select the “Find in page” option
  • Now “search any word” on a page that you want to find
  • You have done it!

How to Find Word in Android Chrome

You will see the highlighted text just like shown in the image above.

Here we have searched for the “watching” word on a page, and you can see the highlighted word on the Chrome browser on Android.

Have any questions about searching in Google Chrome?

Feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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