Connecting to an internet connection through the traditional way might seem overkill for some. Also, it will leave your fingers numb while you are typing on the cell phone’s keypad. Although, there is a technique is available in which you can connect the internet using the WiFi QR code on Android.

We all love doing effortless stuff on our phone. Obviously, Android exists to make users life easier, and effortless. Furthermore, with this new technique of connecting to the internet via QR code, the Android has taken a step further to make to users life easier. So, let’s know everything about WiFi QR code on Android and how to connect following the same technique in this post.

How to Connect Internet Using Wifi QR Code on Android?

However, it requires some steps to be followed to connect internet using WiFi QR’s code on your Android Device. So, without fiddle about, let’s have a look at them.

How To Get WiFi QR Code on Android?

You can connect the internet using WiFi QR Code on Android by following the steps carefully.

STEP 1: Tap on the setting option on your Android device and launch it.

STEP 2: Once you have opened the settings, tap on the Network & Internet option from the menu.


STEP 3: Search for the WiFi option on the menu and tap on it.


STEP 4: Now tap on the WiFi you are connected to and tap on the Share option from the menu.


STEP 5: A small window will appear then asking you to authenticate the process.


STEP 6: After authentication, proceed further for obtaining WiFi QR Code, you are ready to connect internet using WiFi QR Code.


How To Connect Internet Using WiFi QR Code On Android?

Follow the steps carefully given down below in order to connect internet using WiFi QR Code on Android.

STEP 1: Go over the settings option on your Android device and tap on it.

STEP 2: Once you have opened the settings option, proceed towards the Network & Internet and open it from the menu.

STEP 3: Select the Add network option from the menu bar and open it.

STEP 4: Select the WiFi QR Option from the menu and proceed further.

STEP 5: Scan the WiFi QR code which you have obtained earlier, and you are all set to use the internet.

Features Of Connecting Internet With This Technique

1. Superfast Connectivity

The concept of connecting internet using WiFi QR Code is way better than the old one. Also, In this method, the connectivity is super fast and does not require any password. Furthermore, it performs super quick to access WiFi’s QR Code for any Android Device.

2. Easy To Use

Connecting on a WiFi by entering a password or by additional settings may be time-consuming. However, this method is very easy to perform and does not need any additional process.

3. Availability

The connect internet using WiFi QR Code concept is now available for different Android devices. So, that’s another benefit associated with it.

4. Secured

Sharing your network with others may be risky and subjected to damage and malware. Nevertheless, this method works on a scan policy in which your device is fully secured.


So, these are some crucial steps on how to connect internet using WiFi’s QR Code on Android. Also, we hope you have found this post useful. Furthermore, if you have any queries, please let us know.

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