Facebook is one of the most used Social Networking Sites around the world whether is used from PC or Mobile. It is one of the best sites that makes you allow to share photos, videos, to chat, and lot more. But, as you are using the Facebook, your mobile also stores cache memory of it. This cache memory will offer some unwanted and unexpected issue while using the phone. It may also affect the performance. So, it is advantageous for the device if you delete the cache memory. Here, we are having the same discussion of How to Clear Facebook Cache On iOS 10.

How to Clear Facebook Cache On iOS 10

Yes, we will discuss that How to Clear Facebook Cache On iOS 10 devices. As a user of Apple iOS 10 mobile, you must know how to do so. If you do not know that, then do not worry, we are here to help you. Here is all that you need to know to Clear Facebook Cache On iOS 10.

Here, we will try to suggest you some of the best solutions to  Clear Facebook Cache On iOS 10. So, take a look at it and keep managing the device by clearing the Facebook cache.

How to Clear Facebook Cache On iOS 10-

By Performing Manage Storage

By using this option, you may able to avoid such issues. This process will lead you to clear the Facebook cache. To get to know what to do, then just follow below points.

  •  First of all, launch the Menu of your iOS 10 device.
  • Go to the General option by going into the Settings.
  • Then, find a Storage & iCloud Usage option and go there.
  • Here, choose Manage Storage.
  • Select the app or data on which you want to perform the process. Here, tap on Facebook.
  • Tap on Edit and choose the Delete All option.

It will remove all the data from that particular app that you have chosen in the fifth step. After doing so, you might not face the same issue. If you are still facing, then you should go ahead with the next trick.

By Rebooting the iOS 10 Mobile

Even after removing the Facebook cache from the device, still, some issues are there, then apply this. This is a fix that is applicable almost for all the issues which come with any of the devices. In which, you just have to reboot your mobile and that’s it. Sometimes it can easily fix such issues, but sometimes it may not work. Even though, we can apply it as a solution.

So, to avoid the issues which are coming due to Facebook cache, just Reboot iOS 10 device. Wait for a while. Then, start the device and use the mobile for some time. If you are still found the same issue, then you should move ahead with the next one.

By Reinstalling Facebook App

The next best fix to avoid such issue that caused by the cache is to uninstall the Facebook. Yes, exactly. The uninstallation of the app will help you to get rid of from all the issues.

Facebook Uninstall

If you uninstall the Facebook app, then you might miss the use of great features of the app. But, even by not using those features, if it helps you to improve the performance, then it does not matter. You can now reboot and reinstall Facebook on your device. You feel the better performance and get rid of slow facebook app on your iOS.

So, as a responsible iOS 10 users, you should have to understand this. We hope that you will never take this lightly. If you still find such issues even after deleting the app, then the best option will definitely help you.

By Performing the System Cache Partition

System Cache Partition procedure can also be the issue eater solution. Many of the mobile retailers are also used this process to fix the issue of the mobile. But, before performing it, you will have to make sure about the backup of the data and files. Because the System Cache Partition process will erase all of your stored data very badly. So, it is beneficial to you if you take the backup option seriously.

You are free to use any of the solutions according to the issue. We hope that this discussion will help you a lot. Also, share this useful discussion with other iOS 10 users. Do let us know your valuable opinions regarding the discussion.

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