How to Hide Pictures and Videos on Android Smartphones

There are so many security apps for Android that would help you to keep your privacy. If your phone is used by others, and you are worried about if they would see your private photos and videos. Well, we would discuss vault app for Android that would allow you to hide your valuable pictures and videos. So you would not have to worry about other can see it.

Hide Photos and Videos on Android
Vault app

You can only view them when you want, but others are not. Great thing is that your hidden pictures and videos would also not visible on Android gallery items, nor on any video player apps. If you don’t know How to Hide Pictures On Android Phone, you will find the best apps to hiding pictures from your smartphone.Vault is the best android app that would allow you to Hiding Pictures On android for free.

When you download and install vault app from Google Play Store, you would first see the login screen when you open that app. If you have first time installed this app, you would be asked for creating a password for this app. Create a password to use this app.Upon login, you would see NQ Vault dashboard from where you would be able to perform various task to lock images and gallery items from android.

Photos – From photo option, you would be able to hide your personal or private photos that you want not to seen by others.

vault app
vault app

Videos – From this option, you would be able to hide your personal videos easily. If there are any porn movies or adult pictures on your smartphone and you want not to seen by your children, you can also use this app to hide porn on a smartphone. If the internet is used by your children, you can block porn on android easily using security app.

SMS and Contacts – From this option, you would be able to hide phone numbers and messages or lock your contact and messages using a password.

App Lock – This is another great feature of this app. You can easily hide apps using this app lock feature. If your smartphone has so many games and you fear that it would be played by others and lower down your battery, you can lock games and other apps on Android. So whenever other open that app, they would be asked for password first. When they enter a password, they can access that app, otherwise, they would not.

Facebook Messages – This is a most interesting feature of this app. You can hide your Facebook chat messages from others using this app. You can prevent others opening and read your Facebook chat messages by private chat. It would allow you to chat with your Facebook friends privately so that would be password protected Facebook chat. It can be only accessible using a password.

Premium version of this app has an interesting feature.That is Break-In Attempts, it photographs anyone who enters the wrong password to attempt your Vault, without the intruder knowing it. Help to monitor who access the phone and when such attempt was made. This feature requires an Android 2.3 (or higher) device with a front-facing camera.

Vault App Features:

  • Lock apps, photos, videos, Facebook chats and much more using vault app.
  • Hide Photos on Android as well as let your Android Hide Video Files from others.
  • Best Android App to Hiding Pictures on any Android smartphones and tablets.
  • When you hide any photos and videos & hide photos from appearing in a gallery.

App Name
NQ Mobile Security (NYSE:NQ)

Last Updated On: March 7, 2017

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