Because of increasing music streaming, Web developers develop online music streaming applications. Which is provide you a better way to stream the music. Infect online music streaming is good. You can get better sound quality. Many application and plans of online music playing available in the market. Because of increasing demand for online streaming, Google has introduced a family plan for Playing Music. For that, you have to subscribe to the family plan.

These family subscriptions can be purchased by anyone of your family member, as long as your Google account has Play Music All Access enabled. Nowadays, there are two powerful music streaming service Google Play Music and Apple Music. Let’s check out more details about the Google Play Music Family Plan.

Google Play Music Family Plan

The Android users can enjoy the Google Play Music family plan on their smartphones, tablet to share music with friends and family members. This plan is pretty attractive the consumer.

The other music streaming services that also offer family plans. The rate of Apple Music is $15/month with 6 persons. The rate of Spotify is $5/month for every extra person and Rhapsody has a $15/month tier for a 5 person family. Out of it Spotify and Rhapsody are only available in the US. To become a Google Play Music subscriber, users have to pay $14.99/month to get access to unlimited music for you and up to 5 additional family members. This Google Play Music gives you access to 30 million songs, at a 320 kbps bitrate. And it has also 50,000 song locker.

STEP 1: Subscribe to Google Play Music

  • Open Play Music Android or iOS app.
  • Press the hamburger menu on the top left of the screen.
  • Select Settings > Select the Start Trial or Subscribe to Google Play Unlimited.
  • There is a Family It will show you that you are eligible or not for the Google Play Music Family Plan.

(If you had already chosen the Start Trial, you will only see the Subscribe to Google play Unlimited.)

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STEP 2: How to upgrade to Google Play Music family plan and invite family members?

  • Open Google Play Music app.
  • Press the hamburger menu icon on the top left of the screen.
  • Select Settings > Select Upgrade to a family plan and establish your family.
  • Select the payment method for family’s purchases, which can be either a card or a new method.
  • Invite your family members by tapping on Invite

The family members that you added will get an e-mail saying they are invited. And one more important thing is that the family members can use the payment method to Movies, apps, games, books, TV shows, so make sure that you only add people you trust.

The process of subscription is pretty simple and most users should be able to complete it without any major problems. You have to just follow the steps shown on the screen. Also, you can follow the steps that listed in this article.

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With the Google Play Music Family Plan, all members of your family group can share a Google Play Music subscription and also can:

  • Streaming music at a time.
  • Use Google Play Music on up to 10 devices.
  • Share bought items on Google Play using your Family library.

We hope that this article about Google Play music Family Plan is helpful to you. Are you already Google play music, subscriber? Do share your review and feedback about it in the comments below.

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