If you think that Google has revealed everything there was to reveal about the Google Pixel 4, you are wrong. After a slew of leaked renders of the upcoming Google Pixel 4 flagship, Google officially revealed the design last week.

As it turns out, Google kept some cards hidden for later. Unfortunately for the company, one of those cards just fell out. The official reveals by Google only showed the upcoming flagship in a black color scheme. New images have just surfaced that shows the smartphone in two new color schemes.

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The new color schemes are mint green and white. We will be honest about it; the images in mention do seem a bit fishy when it comes to their authenticity. However, we can never be sure of what’s going to happen and what’s just a ruse.

So, let’s discuss what we can make out of these images. The first thing you will notice in these images is the color of the power button. The black one was officially revealed and had a white power button. On the other hand, the mint green version has a lime green power button, and the white one has a blue power button.

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A few things that come to mind right away are the color combinations. Black and white are in contrast, and blue and lime green are fairly out of contrast.

Neither the two colors complimenting each other. It just seems out of sync. The same can be said for the white and blue. However, these opinions are subjective and could differ for every viewer.

Google Pixel 4 in Mint Green? Really?

Perhaps the most important thing that makes these photos unofficial is the wrong camera placement in one of them. One of the images that came with the batch showed the front and back of the white version of the Google Pixel 4.

On its back, the placement of the three cameras in the square was incorrect when compared to Google’s official renders. Instead of the two larger and more prominent sensors being in the middle of the large square island at the back, they were at the top. This clearly shows that the images are not exactly “leaked”.

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However, even if they are renders created by someone else, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the news is fake. It could be that a leakster found out about this and rendered the Google Pixel 4 in those colors. We know that multimedia content spreads much faster than the written word.

This is what’s funny about the smartphone industry. There is always some information being leaked about some product. The information seems legit and comes from reliable sources too.

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But you can never be sure if that information is actually accurate or just a ruse. This is no news that many tech companies in the industry pay blogs and news outlets to publish fake news. Tech giants often do this to throw other rivals off their trail.

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