Yes, you heard right, the Google’s lite version app called, “Google Go” has got the article reading feature, and this feature will help all the Android Go users to listen to any news in an easy way. And all the other Android users can also use this feature by installing the Google Go app on their Android smartphone

Google Go App Can Now Read Any Article & Web Pages 1

Google Go App Can Now Read Any Article

So, if you have not downloaded this app on your Android smartphone, then this is the best that you can use replace the normal Google search app on your Android device. And you can download this app on your any Android device at free of cost.

In terms of this feature, the Google has announced today that the light version of their Google Search app (Google Go) can now be able to read articles and news from any webpage and easily. In another word, we can also say that the Google Go app can now read virtually any webpage you open in the Google Go App on your device.

Additionally, the Google Go’s this new feature has the ability to read the article and news in more than 24+ languages, so that approx every and each people can listen to the news in their own traditional language.

This highly advanced technology or feature is made for the people who are interested in listening to the long articles and big web pages. This feature can also be very useful to those people who are interested in listening to stories online or addicted to podcast and ebooks. There is three control feature also available with this feature, which allows the user to play, pause and also enables to speed-up the audio up-to 2x speed.

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As we all know that the Google Go is a simple and easy-to-use and lite version of the normal Google search app and especially build to offer faster and smooth performance on low-hardware based smartphones. To know more on “Google Go” App for Android. For more info stay tuned!

Download the Google Go Browser on your Android device:

Google Go
Google Go
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Price: Free
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