As we know that, the Google is a most reliable search engine for all the people of the world. Google has launched all the Android operating system. Now anon at its annual ”Google I/O Developer Conference”, the Google has announced the next version of Android operating system which is called as ‘M’. But, the full name of this OS has not been declared yet by Google.

Google Announces Android M

Besides that, Google has also announced the “Developer Preview” version of this newest Android M version, which is also available for Nexus devices. Like as all the Android OS, this latest version of Android will also come with many kinds of new features. But, this version to focuses on quality as well as polishing. So here, we will discuss some interesting and fascinating features of this Android M version.

Google Announces Android M 1

1. Fingerprint Sensor Support:

The new version of Android OS M will come with integrated fingerprint reading technology. According to the designers, this is the all new feature which will be readily compatible with the scanners. Currently, this Fingerprint Sensor comes in a high budget smartphone like HTC M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6. But now we will expect that with this new OS, we can get this amazing feature in low budget smartphone devices.

2. Improved battery Life:

With this new Android operating system, Google has promised to provide better battery life. The company also promises that this M OS will make the power or battery consumption better. It will also increase the life of a battery. After doing much of multitasking, the battery will consume a bit power. It will also provide long battery life to live alive your device throughout a day.

3. Google Now:

With this new Android OS, the Google Now feature will come with many of improvements. In this new OS version, Google Now will be able to give answers to the questions.

You can also enable the feature of Google Now speed by tapping on the homepage of your device. Apart from this, you can also upload the photo directly to Google Now.

4. Reversible USB C Ports:

After coming to this feature in Apple Macbook, now Google has introduced its new consistency of Reversible USB C Ports. You can insert the device from both the side because this USB C port will come with a similar design at both sides.

According to some rumor, the Nexus smartphone device will be the first device which comes with Reversible USB C ports.

5. Android PAY:

Google has also introduced the new feature as “Android PAY,” by Apple PAY of Apple. This function will work on NFC (Near Field Communication). That means it will work well on all the portals which work on NFC. The NFC will allow you to connect your device with more frequency.

With the help of this new feature of Android PAY, you can make also payments without using of debit cards as well as credit cards. But, Indian users have to wait for some time to use this NFC payments feature.

Google Announces Android M OS

The preview version of this Android M OS is available for Nexus 5 device, Nexus 6 device, Nexus 9 device, and Nexus Player devices.

Source: TOI, Divyabhaskar


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