After the long time of purchasing any Android smart phone device, it gives slow performance compare to more. The Android device have some problems are occurs such as battery issue, slow performance etc. At that time, if you want to increase the performance of the smart phone then you have to do your Android device root. Here, we would discuss about the Rooting process of Samsung Galaxy Infinite I759.

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Before we begin the Rooting process of the Samsung Galaxy Infinite device, we should have some knowledge about the Rooting process of smart phone. The Rooting process is only applicable for the Android smart phone device. Rooting process is a process of to obtain privileged control or root Access over the Android OS and its subsystem.

There are also some advantages and disadvantages of the Rooting process of An Android device. If any android smart phone device will be root once, then you can play HD games better than more, Increase the RAM memory of device, update in processor of Android, Increase the built-in memory storage space of device. After the root, you can also delete or remove the Bloatware, which is pre-installed by manufacturer of the smart phone. In terms of disadvantage, after the Rooting process of the device, you will lose warranty of smart phone, which is provided by maker of it.Samsung Galaxy Infinite SCH-i759

Now here, we should mention some easy steps for Rooting process of Samsung Galaxy Phone Infinite SCH-i759. But before it, some pre-requisites must be need to done.

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Pre-Requisites required for the Rooting process of Samsung Galaxy Infinite :

  • Be sure that smart phone device has minimum charging around of 60% to 70%. Because, the low battery issue can occurs problem in the middle of Rooting process.
  • Start the USB debugging mode. If it is off then start it by going into settings and then developer option.

For this process, first you have to install a CWM recovery on the Samsung smart phone via using of computer and Odin software.

Steps for Rooting process of Samsung Galaxy Infinite SCH-i759 :

  • First of all, enable the USB debugging mode in your Samsung smart phone device. After that, switch off your device and then boot your phone on download mode by pressing home key + power key + volume down key.
  • Now, connect your Galaxy Infinite phone to the desktop or laptop through the USB cable. Odin software with version 3.0.7 is must be installed on that desktop or laptop, with which your smart phone is connect.

Watch Video about Odin Rooting Tutorial

  • Now, start and run the Odin software. If the connection of your smart phone device is proper, then  you can see your phone name in the software.
  • After the successful connection of Samsung device with the desktop or laptop, Click a option of PDA window in the Odin software. Also browse to choose the CWM recovery.
  • After that, click on start and Odin software will flash the CWM file to your Samsung galaxy device. After the flashing process of software, disconnect your device from PC. 
  • Then, make a copy the SuperSU file.
  • Now, put your smart phone into recovery mode by pressing home key + power key + volume up key.
  • Now, choose the option of “ from SD card”. Then, select the option with the power button.
  • After that, choose the file. And if any prompts are come then say Yes. Now, your Samsung device will be rooted.

With the help of these easy steps, which is mentioned above, you can root your Samsung Galaxy Infinite SCH-i759.