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We have already discussed some Free VPN For Android that allows android users to hide their real IP address. The main use of VPN is to surf the web anonymously without worrying about privacy. As it secure your connection with 256-bit encryption and you can change your IP address from your android. We have found an app that allows you to even hide your IP and lets you change your IP from currently to other countries.

Yes, we are talking about Hideman android VPN app. It creates a virtual private network on your device with a 256-bit encrypted connection. The interesting thing about this app is, you can even choose which country you want to appear to be connecting from. You don’t need to create an account or pay for anything either, as this all allow you to use  their app for 7 hours free browsing a week. However if you want to appear from top tier countries, it will cost you some bucks. However, you can earn extra hours by checking their in-app ads. Check out more details about this FREE VPN for android from below.

Hideman VPN – FREE VPN for Android

When you download hideman app on your device, you will see your app as shown in the image below. This app contains main, Account, Select country, purchase, Get free hours and setting option.

FREE VPN for Android - Hideman VPN for Android

The main option is your dashboard, from where you can know which is your current browsing location. It will also show you remaining time in hours. You can add hours just by tapping on hour button. When you click on connect option, it will connect from an IP and show you country and your currently connected IP.

vpn android app

If you want to change IP address from the same country, you will have an option besides IP address, where you can click and change your IP address on your device.

best vpn for android

There are several unique options that we can not find in other VPN apps of android. It has UDP and TCP connection mode. Using UDP protocol, you will be able to make your connection little bit faster.TCP is more stable while UDP in most cases is faster.

There is another option called Anti-DPI that allows you to bypass some government restricted sites. It is mostly useful in countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE and similar countries, where a government ban some websites.when connection established in a special manner. In antidpi mode connection doesn’t have any signatures and can’t be tracked by DPI systems. It’s a unique feature that is not even available in GoVPN app on android.

The auto-connect option is that you can select on your device, so whenever you start your device it will automatically connect to VPN. However, you can choose an option from Always connect to VPN when a network becomes available or only if Wifi Become available.

It has also another great feature called enable malware/spyware. It will automatically block websites that they have previously seen in malicious activity.

best android vpn app

We have also tested this app by connecting it to Russian IP address. Once connected, we have opened Google and web page opened is instead of or

The good thing about hideman android VPN app is they do have an automatic connection. Which means if you are using WiFi connection and you have switched to a mobile data plan, it will automatically adapt to it and connect with your mobile data plan. So you need not to manually connect for this android VPN app.

Features of this FREE VPN for Android :

  • Automatically switch from WiFi to Data plan or vice versa(when required)
  • Free and easy to use
  • So many countries in their list to choose an IP from
  • Perfect for TOR users, as it allows you to browse .onion sites truly anonymously
  • They do have transparent access to TOR and I2P websites
  • Anti-DPI mode allow you, not to leave any signature behind and that can not be tracked by DPI systems
  • UDP and TCP connection mode, TCP is more stable while UDP in most cases is faster ( available in settings)


Hideman works well as a mobile VPN solution, as it does not ask much information from users. I am from India, and I have browsed through Russian IP address as well as Netherlands IP address using this app and both worked fine for me. Nobody wants to login to their bank account from a FREE public WiFi connection, as it’s not safe. But using VPN on smartphones, would be the wise steps towards privacy if we regularly use public WiFi connections.

Check out this free VPN app for an android smartphone from below.

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Last Updated On: October 5, 2017

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