Have you seen this kind of error? “avoided poor internet connection error” on any Android is the most common wireless network error. This error prevents your phone from connecting to the WiFi network. Most of the time this error appear when you try to connect with “Poor Wifi network” or “Not in a Range” wifi connections. This is the very common error on the Android device so no need to worry about it. To solve this Error on your Android device follow simple steps:

Fixing Avoided poor internet connection Error

Basically, Poor connection means that you are getting weak signals from your WiFi router or there is much noise from another system that is using that same frequency. Try changing your WiFi router’s frequency and then try connecting your device.

For any Android device (Tablet or Smartphone)

Step 1: From the home screen of your Android device, Tap on “Settings” to open it.
Step 2: Now Choose WiFi and open it to connecting with the available network.
Step 3: Now, connect the wifi network that causing the issue on your device.

avoided poor internet connectionStep 4: Press and Hold on the connected network, and choose “Modify” option to customize currently connected the network.

Step 5: After this tap on “Advanced options.”

Step 6:  Now Tap on “DHCP” under the IP Setting option.

Step 7: Now you have to choose a “Static” option in the IP Settings.

Step 8: Under the “IP Address” section, Put your Unique IP Address.
192.168.1. (after this you can choose 1 to 255)
( e.g. “”, “”, “”, “”)

Step 9: Now tap on “Save” button to save all changes.

Now try to connect to the WiFi network that causing the error on your device. And check if it is working or not.

For Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Step 1: Tap on “Dialer” icon, from the Home screen of your Android smartphone, Open it.

how to fix internet connectionStep 2: Now type the following number to launch “ServiceMode” on your device.

Step 3: Now you’re on “ServiceMode,” here you have to press “Option soft key” on the left side of the home button on Samsung Smartphone.

Step 4: from the appeared menu, choose “WIFI” option.

Step 5: Now you have to tap on Wifi Power Saver Mode “On” button to disable it.

Now restart your smartphone and try to connect to the WiFi Network that causing the error on your device. If you still getting this error on your android device then check for system Firmware update and update your device as well as if the update available.

To check system update;
“Settings” >  Scroll down and“About” > “System Update

If all above methods fail or not working on your Android device, then you need to perform a factory reset on your Android smartphone to fix this issue. Factory reset is the simple way to fix all Android smartphone errors.