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When Was The First Cell Phone Invented [INFOGRAPHIC]

When Was The First Cell Phone Invented [INFOGRAPHIC]

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According to anewdomain.net website, first, cell the phone was invented on April 3, 1973. This was the date when Motorola exec made a first mobile phone. That mobile was commercially available cell phone which was costing around $4000 USD at that time. According to Mashable, first, cellphone weighed around 2.5 pounds, which we can call and work out together. Lol !

Cell Phone History From Begining

In 1992, IBM Simon was developed, latest Nokia created Nokia 2110 mobile phone in 1994. Later Motorola jumped into a competition and unveiled Motorola star tac phone in 1996. Nokia invited Nokia 6110 in the year of 1997. In the year of 1999, Nokia has launched their first phone from which you can open the internet using WAP browser on Nokia 7110.

Nokia was mobile phone manufacturer company that was launching new phones for their consumers, in recent days Nokia was completely dead and not launching any new phones in current competition age. Nokia 3310 the phone was invented in 2000, Sony Ericsson R380 was also in the same year.

Sony Ericsson T68i Uk’s first MMS service by T-mobile in the year of 2002.Ahead of the game, Motorola Razr V3 was launched in 2004. Later new and new mobile phone companies are jumping into the competition and HTC was one of them. Blackberry Curve 8300 was launched by Blackberry in the year of 2007.

After that, a competition began between Apple iOS and Android OS. In the year of 2007, Apple launched their smartphone, after two years Samsung launched their first Samsung Galaxy smartphone called Samsung Galaxy i7500. In 2009, HTC also launched their smartphone with keypad based on Android OS.

Nokia was also in the competition at that time, and in 2011, they launched their first Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone. Later Samsung has launched Samsung Galaxy S3 Android based smartphone. In the 2013 year, HTC has launched HTC one device. iPhone 6S was launched in 2015. We all know Samsung has launched Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge smartphone in recent MWC 2016. More smartphones are being launched nowadays, and you can find a list of new upcoming smartphones from here.

The folks at Broadbandchoices have partnered with Theandroidportal to do in-depth research and create below infographic post. With a detailed timeline of pivotal moments in cellphone history from first cell phone to till date.

infographic - First Cell Phone

Image source : express.co.uk

What can we expect from Future Smartphones?

Flexible Screens – We are expecting flexible screen of the device that we can bend the way we want. The most commercial example for that is LG G Flex, but we are expecting more smartphones that can bend without breaking it.

Better haptic feedback – Very soon, a mobile phone may produce things we can touch. Tactus technology made a smartphone with keyboard buttons that bubble up out of the mobile screen. Another example of that is, Fujitsu tablet can recreate rough or slippery surfaces.

Augmented reality – There is virtual reality & there is augmented reality. Mobiles are using their camera to show an altered version on its screen.

It can be used in popular gaming, tourism, gaming and almost everywhere we need. Check out above video about HYPER-REALITY from Keiichi Matsuda.

Improved Battery Life – Nowadays, smartphones are being launched with maximum battery life. One of the biggest examples is Zenfone Max that comes with 5000 mAh battery capacity. Companies are looking forward to battery problem solution like solar power & biotechnology that helps more power than usual.

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