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Find Your Customized Debt Payoff Plan with Debt Payoff Planner App

Last Updated On: June 21, 2016

Debt Payoff Planner app is a very good android app that helps to plan your debt. All you need to do is feed the data in your app and it will present best available on how you can become debt free. You have full control over the data you feed in the app. Debt Payoff planner doesn’t need to know what you are buying or from where you have bought it, all information can be added by you.

It is also not necessary in which country you are living in, or which card you are using. As mentioned earlier, it all depends on the data you feed in the app. You can even select loan, repayment or credit card you want to pay off first according to so many options available in an app. You just need to enter your debt and tell that app how much you can pay each month. It will show you detailed information about how that repayment and when you can be able to call yourself debt free.

If you need to try your hands on this app, you can easily download Debt Payoff Planner app from Google Play store. There is free and paid both versions available on Google Play store. When you download and open that app, you will be guided step by step by that app.

For your reference, we will add demo data in that app, so that you can get an idea how this app works. To add data in that app, you will need to click on plus button shown there. So debt details page will be opened. Here you will have to add creditor’s name, your current balance, Interest rate, monthly due and payment date.

Debt Payoff Planner App for Android

You will see added details in your Debt Payoff dashboard how much debt you have with interest and amount due.

There is an option from where you can navigate to other menus. There are few other options like Debts, Pre-payment,  Payment Preference, Summery view, Estimate, App setting, rate & review and logout option

Debts – Here you will find your debt dashboard along with payment plan and recommend option. Payment plan option is where you can add strategy for payment, payment per month, plan starting date.

Debt Payoff Android App

Pre-Payments – This option will allow you how much amount you are paying or you have already paid.

Payment Preference – This option will allow you to select custom order, lowest balance first or similar amount entry you can do there.

Summary view – allow you to view your debts, prepayment option along with your balance, minimum payment, interest rate, due on and other details. The summary view is shown in below image, you can scroll on a side to view other option from summary view.

Debt Payoff App for Android

Estimate – This option allows you to add card balance, interest rate, months to pay off or monthly due. Clicking on payment plan button will display you complete payoff plan on your account.

Setting option is where you can configure your currency. We have checked it and it supports most of the currency from worldwide.

If you are worried about privacy, you can even add user password option. That will ask password each time when you open the app.

An interesting feature that we liked in this app is backup app data to Google drive. This will help you to restore your data even if you have factory reset your smartphone.

If we talk about the overall user interface, it’s very good and speed and performance are also lag free. It’s easy to use and configure, we just need to add data and it will display all values for your entered data.

Check out this useful Debt Payoff Planner app for your smartphone from below.

App Name
Swiftmatic LLC

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