How to factory reset and wipe your Android device

Want to Factory Reset Android smartphone? Want to erase data completely from your smartphone? It’s a problem all of us have faced when our smartphone or tablet’s speed is getting low. You might also have tried to uninstalling apps from your device or using task killers to accelerate the performance of your smartphone device.

Most of the time doing those tricks will resolve the little speed issue from your device, and your android’s performance would be increased. But what if your device is not working properly after doing those steps?

Well, there is an option to reset your device to Factory Reset Android if your device is not getting the boot or performing correctly. Here is trick that will help you to speed up your android’s performance by resetting it’s setting and device to factory default setting.

Before you wipe up your device or resetting it to factory default setting, make sure you have backed up everything like Whatsapp messages, text messages, call logs and contacts & full device backup to your computer or SD card.

How to Factory Reset Android Smartphone

How to Factory Reset Android

If your device is in working condition, say you can open some apps, play games, and use your device. If you are looking for How to Reset Tablet or smartphone, You can use this tutorial to format your android device.

Step 1: Go to device’s setting option and find backup and reset option.

Factory Reset Android
how to factory reset android tablet & phones

Step 2: Find the personal data option at the bottom, you will see factory data reset option. It will say reset all settings and delete all data on a device. Tap on that and-and you will find the full option that what will be reset from your device.

Step 3: On Factory data reset option, you will see that what will be erased from your device. Like music, photos, other user data like Google accounts, any linked accounts, installed games on a device and everything that is stored on your device.It will Soft Reset Android Phone quickly.

If you want to reset your SD card also, there will be an option to format that. That will erase everything including contents on SD card as well as on the device. Then confirm the reset everything, and you have done.

Your device will be restarted and initialized some system process. It will be started with default factory setting.After that, you can setup your Google account with android to begin. You have to install, download or restore your backed up data from your computer to your device.

If your device has a different option and you are not able to reset it by this setting. We have tested this setting in Samsung Galaxy Quattro smartphone successfully. If you are looking for an answer to How to Reset an Android Phone or facing any issues regarding Android Factory Reset Problems, you may comment below with your query. We would love to give you the best solution for your smartphone.


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