Facebook Messenger Android App – Faster Facebook Experience

Recently we have discussed about top 5 Facebook messengers android app that would allow you to chat live with your friends on Facebook. You might have noticed that official Facebook android app is very slower performing. When you want to chat live or want to update status on your Facebook account, it takes little more time to load. Specially in case of chatting, when you click on chat option at the top, it would show you chats but after few seconds. Here is the quick review of official Facebook Messenger Android App that would let you feel faster Facebook chatting experience than before.

You can login using your existing configured Facebook account with your device. Or you can also use another Facebook account on android for chatting. One account is configured with your official Facebook android app and another account can be configured for Facebook messenger app.This way, you can use two Facebook account on same device easily. You can Log in to Facebook using your existing Facebook account to chat live of free Facebook calling to your friends.

We all know recently Facebook has updated android messenger with free Facebook calling feature. I have tasted a test call with my friend(Nitin Mehta)and it’s working perfectly for free call. Here is how to make free calls using Facebook messenger android app. They have added calling icon at the top. When you start chatting with your any of the friends available online. You would see calling button icon at the top. Just click on it and it would dial free call to your friend there. You can now talk unlimited minutes for free with Facebook Messenger Voice Calls features.

Facebook Messenger

You can see list of all available friends as well as online friends from mobile or from computer.Message you send would immediately sent to your Facebook friends like Whatsapp messenger. Before that, you might have observed that when you send any message to your Facebook contacts, it would load for a second and then sent. But now Facebook messenger seems faster than before. It would instantly send any message you send.Messenger is a fast, free and reliable way to stay in touch. It’s just like texting, but you don’t have to pay for every message (it works with your data plan).

Facebook Messenger Features:

  • Get to your messages without opening Facebook.
  • Instantly send and receive messages from your Facebook account with FB Messenger.
  • You can configure another Facebook account with your smartphone for chatting & Calling On Facebook.
  • Chat with your friends and groups on Facebook easily.
  • Quick Record voice messages.
  • Make free Facebook Voice Call using Facebook Free Calling Service.
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