Can you believe that more than 3.3 billion people are using smartphones in today’s world? Technology has advanced to a great extent and buying a smartphone is not an expensive deal. You can have your smartphone in less than $100 and perform an amazing task. The android developers are working day and night to ensure a premium experience for the users. There are hundreds of techniques by which smartphone users can make their life better. Sadly, very few people know that their phone is capable of doing such amazing tricks. Let’s explore the 3 amazing secrets of the smartphone.

Exploring 3 Secrets of The Smartphone

Split screen

We all know the smartphone is mostly famous for multi-tasking. It can process tones of information and save time for the users. The majority of the people use the minimize features while multi-tasking. But this a very hectic process and doesn’t unlock the full potential of large-screen devices. Instead of minimizing the applications, you can easily use the split-screen features and deal with more than online applications without minimizing. Those who are using android pie can easily do this by swiping up the home button. Tap on the top of your desired application icons and you will find the split-screen options. Those who have button gestures can do this by holding down the square button while running the app.

Pin your app

We all have some close associates who might borrow our smartphone for a few minutes only to access important websites. If you have sophisticated information, you will be in trouble in handing over your smartphone. But this is no longer a problem for the smart users since they can specific app for the strangers.

Let’s say, your broker is asking for your phone to get access to the Google search engine. Just pin the chrome into the home screen by enabling screen pinning available at the security and location settings of the apps. Since your broker will be using the search engine, make sure you give him the link for private search engines so that no personal data is breached in case he tries to access to unsecured websites.

It’s best to use trusted internet search engines. One of them is Privado – uncensored search engine, which is specially designed to ensure the security of smart users. They never track the user’s search data, login information, IP address or other sensitive data via cookies. By giving him access to the private search engine with a pinned app, you are protecting sensitive data.

Block unwanted apps

Many people play games via their smartphones. But the pop up ads in free games can be very annoying. Though you can solve this problem by switching your device to the airplane mode this also cuts the active cellular connection. So, you might miss very important phone calls or emails while avoiding online advertisements.

To solve this issue, you can use ad blockers applications and it works like a charm. However, you need to check the review of the ad blocker applications since some of them make your device slow.

Easy navigation

Do you know you can easily drive from one to another place even without knowing the route? By using the Google map and its navigation features, you can even drive in a foreign country. The maps are highly accurate and you expect to find your desired locations without having any hassle. In the past, finding the desired address was a very time-consuming process. And without the help of the locals, you might not even find the right address in due time. But things have changed a lot in the past years. Your smartphone will act as your local guide.


With every new update, the smartphone developers are adding new features for the users. You need to browse your phone like a kid to get yourself tuned with such updates. However, some of you might not have enough time to find the INS and OUT of your smartphone. They can easily learn new tricks and techniques by reading articles like this one.