Rumors : Expectations from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched back in February, and the next big launching event is coming up on next fall. Reliable sources claim that the IFA 2014 event will take place in Berlin on September where the Galaxy Note 4 unveiling event will be held. The performance, premium outlook, unique S-pen – everything makes the Note series an outstanding performer. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to keep that tradition going in an even better and desirable way.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date, Price, Specs , Features

Expected Release Date

All three previous versions of Galaxy Note phablets were released in spring and sometime around September. If Samsung doesn’t break their tradition, then the Note 4 will follow the same timeline. It could be launched at the IFA 2014 event or maybe on a pre-IFA 2014 event. The date will be confirmed when Samsung announces that or at least sends out the invitation cards in secret. However, that unveiling event will not only cover the Note 4 but might also include ultra-HD OLED television sets and maybe even a smart glass to stand against Google Glass.


Rumours claim about two variants of Note 4; one with a normal display and another one with a flexible or curved display. The claim does not seem to be very legit, though, but time will say and what we have to do is waiting.

However, the display will portray a QHD resolution. There are rumours supporting 4k display as well, but 4k display on a smartphone sounds too much to be true. The display will probably be a 5.7 inch one, or a 5.9 inch if they continue the tradition of increasing the screen size. The first Note phablet had a 5.3 inches display, Note 2 had 5.5 inches display, and Note 3 has 5.7 inches display. We won’t be surprised to see a display bigger than 5.7 inches.


Samsung launched a 3 GB RAM device last year which is the current Note 3. It was still running on 32-bit architecture whereas Apple has launched 64-bit architecture. If Samsung kick starts with 64 bit then the Note 4 might have a 4GB RAM or else it has to continue with a highest of 3 GB RAM since 32-bit architecture can’t exceed 4GB.

The phone might have a Snapdragon 801 or 805 processor, and the on-board storage memory options might be 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

Display Instruction Gesture?

To make use of the S-pen more efficiently, Samsung might implement new functionality. Anything written on the command console will take place. For example, if ‘Call Donna’ is written on display, Note 4 will call the contact named Donna from the contact book. It is going to stand against Siri, literally silently. Samsung will have more advantage with the additional voice control as well, but Siri won’t have a written instruction facility soon as Apple hasn’t yet announced any device with a smart pen. That’s indeed a smart move from Samsung.


Tidbits regarding the Note 4 unveiling have been going on for a few months, and they are not supposed to stop until the phone comes out. Some of them contain useful information which we could save as accurate predictions; hopefully, Samsung Galaxy Tablet 4 will be able to meet every user’s desires.

Last Updated On: January 24, 2017

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