New to android or a pro user? Want to flash custom ROM? Here is the most important thing you must get familiar with, the TWRP Recovery Android. Read this post till the end to know all the facts and steps.

What Is TWRP Recovery Android?

TWRP ( also called Team Win Recovery Project) is one of the best and favorite Android custom recovery. TWRP is famous for its constant updates and is popular because it supports a wide range of Android devices. Furthermore, it is a boon to Android users who love to root, customize and modify their Android device and are likely to flash their ROM, kernels, and mods.

Although newer updates don’t add any significant features, but there are a lot of changes that improve user experience, such as the latest version supports better improvements for Android 8.0 Oreo zips regarding minor tweaks and bug fixes.

So, that’s what TWRP Recovery Android is. Let’s now understand the difference between TWRP and CWM recovery options.

Difference Between TWRP and CWM

Clock Work Mod(CWM) is one of the original custom recoveries, still widely used today by millions of users to do powerful things on their Android-powered smartphones or tablets.

TWRP and CWM are widely known for their feasibility and flexibility for user experience. Still, the most significant difference I’ve noticed is that CWM requires you to either boot into recovery or use ROM manager to flash a ROM. While on the other hand, TWRP allows any program with root access to flash ROM.

How To Install TWRP Recovery Android?

You can opt to proceed with several ways to get a custom recovery installed on your android. For instance, TWRP Manager or using your Windows. While those methods are certainly feasible, the one highlighted in this guide allows for better recovery options and doesn’t require any computer or laptop.

However, it is equally important to keep a Backup of your current device image before we begin with the process. As guidance to be on the safer side, always use Titanium Backup due to its simplicity and easy-to-use working.

You will require your Android device to have root access with an unlocked bootloader.

Start By Downloading TWRP Recovery Android

TWRP is the most recommended custom recovery of choice since it is a touch-based interface, which makes it incredibly easy to use. So, you can download it from here.

You have to download an image according to your device (Mine is Nexus 6). Next, you must wait until the download has finished before proceeding to the next step.

Now Download & Install Busybox

BusyBox has an advanced root command set that allows apps to perform certain tasks. Furthermore, the app you will install with TWRP utilizes these commands. So you’ll need to have BusyBox installed on your system. You can get it on Playstore.

Now Download & Install Busybox

Once the app is downloaded, open it and grant it Superuser permission. Now, wait until the Smart Install script finishes.

Install script finishes

Smart Install Script

When the Smart Install script loads, simply tap on “Install,” and you’ll be good to go.

Smart Install

Flashifyis a great tool for installing image files (such as TWRP) on your Android device. You can download the App from Playstore.

Flashify installing

Once Flashify is installed successfully, launch and open it. Next, you need to tap on “Grant” on the Superuser Access dialogue.

Flashify installed successfully

Install TWRP

Following the main screen of Flashify’, you need to tap on the “Recovery” entry, then select “Choose a file.”

Install TWRP

On the screen, select the file you have downloaded for your device (.img), then press “Yup!” on the popup. After a while, TWRP Recovery will be installed on your device.

That’s it. Now all you need to do is tap on “Reboot now” to boot into your brand-new custom recovery.

Reboot now


So, that’s everything you should know about the TWRP Recovery Android. We hope this post has explained everything appropriately to you.

Furthermore, if you’ve any doubt, do comment below, and we will help you. So, that’s all for now and thanks for reading this post here at TheAndroidPortal. Also, do follow us for more such updates. Thanks and happy rooting!

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