eBay Integrates Google Pay. Online Shopping has become a daily habit for many people. Therefore, the eCommerce platforms are continuously trying their best to offer customers the best experience in every aspect. Following the current trend, eBay has integrated Google Pay to provide users with another easy and secure payment option.

eBay Integrates Google Pay As A Payment Option

eBay’s new “Managed Payment” plan has now included Google Pay as a payment option.

If you’re not aware of this payment plan, it allows eBay customers to proceed with the transaction or payment without navigating to any other page or leaving the platform. Also, eBay Integrates Google Pay support to boost the purchasing experience regardless of the operating system anyone uses. All the official statements and details are available on the official eBay blog page.

Once eBay integrates Google Pay, users will be able to complete their purchase through the smartphone app, mobile web and desktop from the sellers enrolled in the eBay’s managed payment plan.

This amazing integration will go live after March, that’s in the month of April, starting with eBay’s Android app first.

Why eBay Integrates Google Pay?

It’s definitely a piece of big news for all the eBay lovers. Furthermore, the primary motive behind this integration by eBay is to offer customers more choices in the payment options. This step is supposed to make the entire payment and payment processing process easier for both customers and sellers.

Google Pay is expected to go live for Android users by the month of (early) April as the latest payment option.  

However, both these payment modes are presently accessible when buying product from sellers enrolled in eBay’s “managed payment” plan. Also, this program will increasingly be available for shoppers once it grows to process more volume in more geographies. Are you excited to see what will happen once eBay Integrates Google Pay? Leave your comment and lets us know!

What’s Google Pay?

For those who haven’t used Google Pay yet, it is a simple and secure payment app that allows users to pay directly from their bank account. Furthermore, It works on the UPI system and is entirely safe. Here are some key features of Google Pay Android app that might excite you to start using it from today.

  • Direct payment from the bank account
  • Mobile, and utility bill payments
  • Great offers on transactions
  • Google’s secure payment system
  • Swipe and pay nearby
  • Fund transfer to friends and family

So, that’s everything about why and how eBay Integrates Google Pay. We hope this news post has provided all the essential information to you. Also, read How to Link Bank Acc with Google Pay and How to Add or Remove UPI Account in WhatsApp. That’s all for now. Do follow us for all the latest updates and news.

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