How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android

The main function of the mobile phone is to make a call or to receive a call. Another function of the mobile is to send a text message or receive messages. But, nowadays peoples don’t use SMS feature. As there are so many Instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, ViberSkype available on the market. It does not mean that the text message function of this device is not useful. It is also helpful, but sometimes some mobile users send some valuable info to others regarding text messages. But, as we know that if after deleting the text messages, then the text message recovery is not possible. So, here we will solve that issue by discussing the on how to do “Deleted Text Message Recovery” in this article.

If you noticed that you deleted something important by mistake, then you should not do the below things.

1.) Do not Install Any Recovery Related Apps:

When you realize that you have deleted some important thing, then this is a thing that you should not do. So many people are going to use recovery apps, whenever they removed something important. It is not a wise decision of using any recovery app on the device, to recover the data.

2.) Do not Copy any Data from Computer to Mobile:

When you have noticed that you have deleted some important messages, then follow above step. After deleting sensitive data, never try to copy any data from PC to your device. Because it may cause some other problems.

To recover the deleted text messages, there are so many tutorials available online. There is some data recovery software is also available, by which you can recover the deleted data. Now, here we will be discussing the method of recovering the deleted text messages. So, take a look at the procedure and keep recovering the deleted data.

Deleted Text Message Recovery Using Computer

In this process, we will use a PC software called as Dr. Fone. If you want to use this process, then your Android device is must be rooted. If your Android smartphone does not have root access, then this method will not work for you.

Deleted Text Message Recovery

So for this trick, regarding tools, you must have a PC, Rooted Android device, and data cable. To perform the procedure of Deleted Text Message Recovery, follow the below steps.

  • First of all, download the Dr. Fone software and install it on your Desktop device. Even the trial version of this software is well enough to recover the deleted data on the smartphone device.
  • Now, you will have to enable the Developer Options from your Android device. To do so, go to the About Phone or About option by going into the Settings of the device. In the About option, find an option of Build Number. Now, tap on that option seven times. Then you will get a message as “You are now a Developer.”
  • After that, go to the Develop Options by going into the Settings of the device. Now, here you should see an option of USB Debugging. Tap on that option to enable it. If there is slider is given to enable it, then tap on it. The enabling of USB Debugging is an important step by which Dr. Fone can communicate with your device.
  • After following above first instructions, now open the Dr. Fone software on your Desktop. To run this software, then click on the Start button.
  • Now, connect your rooted Android device to the Desktop by using a standard USB cable. If the connection properly builds up, then Dr. Fone will show the name of your Android device.
  • If the connection is properly made, then the software shows a screen. On the screen, it will display the option that what you want to recover on your device. It shows you options of Contacts, Messaging, Whatsapp Chats, Gallery, Call History, Audio, Video, and Documents. But as we discussed in an earlier paragraph, this discussion is regarding the deleted text message recovery. So, from that screen, choose an option of Messaging.
  • After choosing an appropriate option for recovery, now click on the Next button. On that screen, the Next button is located at the bottom right corner of the display.
  • Then, your device will get a prompt from the Desktop. Accept it. The prompt comes to get root access by the Dr. Fone software. After that, click on the Start button of the software. It will try to gain root access to your Android device. Give the permission to it by choosing the Accept option. While performing this trick, if your Android device is not rooted, then it will try to root your device.
  • After gaining the root access of the device, then it will automatically start the scanning. After the completion of scanning, it will list up all the deleted text messages on your device.
  • From that list, you can easily choose the text message that you want to recover. After selecting the data, now click on the Recover button at the bottom right corner.

Wait until the process of recovery is complete. Once the process is complete, now you will be able to read and use those deleted messages. This is one of the easiest methods to recover the deleted data on your device easily. Also of that, here we will also mention an Android app for backup of the data.

Text Message Recovery Apps for Android

If you don’t want to mess up with your Android device by rooting, you can still install text message backup and restore app on your device. This will help you to easily recover any text message that is backed up on your device. Below are our recommended text message recovery apps for your android tablets or smartphones.

Super Backup Android App

The backup of the deleted data by using an app is also one of the easiest processes. If you do not want to use above long process, then this trick will also help you. This app is known as Super Backup app. The Super Backup app is freely available at the Google Play Store for all the Android users. It is easily compatible with all of your Android devices.

SMS Backup & Restore

This app also helps you to backup your text message as well as restoring them when needed. The good thing about this app is you can even backup your text message on cloud drives such as Google Drive or Dropbox automatically.

How to Backup Text Messages

  • After downloading and installing the app, launch it on your Android phone. Tap on the Backup option.
  • Now, it will prompt you to select the location for backup. You have to choose from three options, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Local backup. If you choose the third option of Local backup, it will prompt you again. This time you will have to select default app folder or Own folder.


  • After selecting the location, now you have to choose what you want to backup. Because this app also allows you to backup the Call logs. So, select the box of Text messages only. If you want to change the name, then you can also do it.
  • Then, under the text messages option, you should see two option with the round. In which, one is All Conversations, and another is Selected conversations only. As per your requirement, you can choose any of them, which depends on you.
  • Here, the app will also give a chance to change the backup location. Below the option of Local backup, you should see the option of Additional Backup Locations. It contains location as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Email.


  • Now, tap on the option of Back Up Now, which is at the bottom of the screen. If any prompt comes then say OK to it. It may take the little bit. It also shows you that how many of messages are backed up. 

After the backup all the messages, now you must restore them. To restore the backed up messages, you will again have to follow another simple process. This process is as shown below.

How to Restore the Deleted Text Messages

  • To restore the messages, open the SMS Backup & Restore app once again on your Android device.
  • From the given option, this time choose an option of Restore. It shows a quite same display as it shown in Backup option.
  • Here, select the box under the option of Advanced restore options. Under this option, the pictures, media, and group messages can be restored. Select that option. Then, also select Restore full backup option. It will process for restoring the messages. It may take a little bit.


  • The another option is in line which is about “Only restore backup since.” This option allows you to restore the message period wise.

After the process is completed, the messages are restored. At the end of the process, the app will prompt you to change the SMS app. In which, tap on Yes, if you want to use the SMS Backup & Restore as your message app. If you do not want to use this app as your SMS default app, then denied it by tapping No.

If you have restored so many messages by using this app, then it may harm to your default message app. Harm means your message app may not work well when you are opening it for the first time after restoring. If you notice this kind of situation, then do not worry. At that time, you just have to restart your android device. After restarting the device, wait for a while to load all the data. Then, you are free to open the message app on your device.


The SMS Backup & Restore app is also useful to recover the call logs of your android mobile. Likewise the restoring of the message, it can also restore the call records quickly. One more thing, the messages are restored in the form of XML files. This XML file is easily open to any Android smartphone device without worrying about the model. But, the device must be running on Android OS with or above version 4.4 KitKat.

Check out below video on How this SMS backup & restore works on your Android phone.

This app is easily compatible with all of your Android powered devices. It can recover the deleted data of the device like SMS, contacts, Apps, Data of the Apps and much more. If you want to restore the apps and apps data, then your device is must be rooted. While, the SMS, and Contacts do not need the root access.

Here, we discuss regarding the how to recover the deleted text messages. By using above tricks, you may recover all the deleted data quickly. Do let us know if you have any other Deleted Text Message Recovery methods in the comment section below. We would love to share it with our readers with your name.

Last Updated On: January 15, 2017

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