Many of iPhone users are facing issue with their storage because they have a lot of photos stored on their device. You might also get a similar issue, whenever you try to remove them all in one go, after you back them up. But you might not able to delete photos on your iPhone device. Here in this article, we are going to discuss about how to delete photos from iPhone for any version.

How To Delete Photos from iPhone

You might be looking for how to delete all photos from iPphone. Well, Deleting photos from iPhone or other Apple devices like iPad, iPod Touch is simple and easy. Anyone can delete photos from iPhone. To delete a photo from your iPhone tap Trash (Delete) icon and it goes into Recently Deleted photos album.

How to remove photos from iPhone

To remove photos from iPphone, you have to tap on “Trash” icon on the bottom of the screen. You can also delete your picture and videos from your other Apple devices like iPad, iPod touch. Only you have to press Trash icon.

When you delete any photo and video from your Apple device, it will automatically go into Recently deleted Album folder. The Recently Deleted album saves them for 30 days, and after thirty days they are automatically deleted from “Recently Deleted Album.”

remove photos from iphone

Follow these steps to delete your photo from iPhone

  • Open a Photo Gallary App on your iPhone
  • Tap to open the photo that you want to delete
  • Now tap on “Trash” Icon
  • Then select “Delete Photo” option

You have done. This was all about removing individual photos from iPhone. But what if you want to delete pictures from iPhone in bulk? Check below steps for bulk removal of photos from your iPhone device.

Delete Pictures from iPhone in Bulk

To delete multiple photos from your iPhone, only you have to open Photo App on your iPhone then select multiple photos that you want to remove from the phone.

Delete Pictures from iPhone in Bulk

Follow these easy and simple steps to delete multiple photos from your iPhone

  • Launch the Photo Gallery App on your iPhone
  • Now Tap on “Select” button on the top right side of screen
  • Here you have to select photos that you want to delete from your phone
  • After selecting photos, tap on Trash icon on the bottom right side of screen
  • Now tap on Delete Photos option to confirm

Now all your selected photos will be deleted from your iPhone device at once. Sometimes, after deleting photos from your iPhone, you realize that some photos that you have deleted were by mistake. Well, we can help you to recover deleted photos from your iPhone.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

Yes, you can get back your deleted Photos & Videos from your iPhone. If you accidently delete a Photo, or Video from iPhone and want to recover them as well as so you have 30 days to get your photo back on your phone’s Photo gallery App. Only you have to go into Recently Deleted Album then choose photos you want to recover and tap on recovery option on the bottom right side on the screen.

After deleting photos and videos from your phone, you can recover them within 30 days. After thirty days you can not recover your deleted photos or video because they were gone for forever from the phone.

Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

Follow these simple steps to recover back deleted photos & videos from iPhone

  • First, Open the Photo app on your iPhone
  • Then open Recently Deleted Album from options
  • Here select photos and videos you want to recover
  • After selecting items, tap on recover option and confirm action

You can only recover deleted photos that you have deleted from your iPhone device using above method.

How To Delete Photos & videos that synced from iTunes

You can not delete your photos or videos directly from your devices in the photos app if you add photos to your iPhone from iTunes. Now follow these steps to delete your pictures or videos from your iPhone. (Any version)

  • First of all, you have to connect your iPhone to your Computer

how to delete photos from iphone

  • Then Open iTunes on your PC or MAC
  • Here you have  to click on the phone icon on the top left side of iTunes
  • In the iPhone section, click on Photos option on the middle left side of screen
  • In the photos section, select the Sync Photos option
  • Now click on drop down menu of “Copy Photos  from” option
  • In the popup menu, create new folder on your computer’s desktop and choose it
  • After selecting the folder, click on “Apply” button on the bottom right side of screen
  • After completing process, uncheck “Sync Photos” option
  • In the popup window, choose “Remove Photos” Option

Now click apply button again, and this will delete your all synced pictures and videos from your iPhone.

Image credit: Delete photos on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Published on Dec 6, 2016. Via Apple