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CM Security Lets you to Use Free Fast VPN on Android

Last Updated On: January 19, 2017
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Cheetah Mobile has launched apps like AppLock & AntiVirus itself. Their VPN helps you to protect your online privacy. CM VPN app for Android allows you to browse Free Fast VPN with unlimited bandwidth.

Why You Should Start Using a VPN on your Device

VPN means virtual private network. VPN creates encrypted layer of security between you and the sites you browse. Suppose you are a student, you will get access to VPN provided by college or universities. But at the cafe or airport, where you find public WiFi area you should be secure at that place. You just need to fire up your VPN on your device when using WiFi at airport or cafe. complain

Suppose you want to download something legally or illegally, you don’t want to mess up with company’s witch-hunt just because of having torrenting apps installed on your device. According to Lifehacker, VPNs are the best option at that time that lets you stay secure when using torrent clients. It is better to stay safe than trying to defend yourself in the court or paying a big amount for something you may have or haven’t done, right?

There are many paid VPN apps for Android like Private Internet access, Hideman VPN and much more.To use their service, you have to pay, but to use CM Security VPN you don’t have to pay anything. All you need to do is collect points every day to use CM VPN service with all functions. But this FREE version has ads in it so you can’t complain about it.

How to use CM VPN App on Android

You will need to download CM VPN from Google play store. All you need is open play store on your smartphone and search for CM VPN there. Once after downloaded, open that app on your device.

Free Fast VPN

Using CM VPN is very easy, you will see connect option on your screen. Upon tapping on connect option, it will analyze your request and connect. Once it gets connected, you will see connected page along with your virtual IP.

When CM VPN is connecting, it will ask you Connection request. Tap on OK to allow the connection for VPN. You will notice a key icon in the notification bar of your device whenever VPN connects. You will see three main option at the bottom of your CM VPN app, check all those points explained in detail.

Details Of Free Fast VPN


This option allows you to connect or disconnect your VPN directly. You can also switch to other country using this option.

Using CM VPN on Android

To change one country from another using CM VPN, you just need to tap on FREE option located at the top right side. You will see a list of countries where you are allowed to access FREE VPN. Tap on any country you want to browse from. It will check and connect you to your requested country IP address. After connecting successfully, you will see your Virtual IP at the top of a screen.

WiFi Test

This unique option lets you check how safe your current WiFi network is. Just tap on WiFi test button at the center.

WiFi Security Test - CM VPN

It will analyze automatically and inspect your WiFi network. After that, it will share you detailed report including Type of network, IP address, Wi-Fi sniffing protection and number of connected devices to your network.

If WiFi sniffing option shows you safe and at the top, you see security level is high, you should use that network without worry. If there is any security risk of the WiFi you are using, it will show you a status of your WiFi network there.


Points are allocated for the particular task. E.g When you refer your friend, when you use this app daily etc. You can use those points to wish list items. There is an option of Auto Connect, Easy connect and so on. You can use your collected points to use their service further.

CM VPN Points

You don’t need login or create an account to use this VPN. Under the setting, you will see daily check-in reminder that reminds you on a daily basis. Real-time speed notification allows you to check upload and download speed directly from your device’s notification bar.

CM VPN Features

  • No login, signup required
  • Free Fast VPN
  • Unblock Geo-Restricted Content
  • Encrypts data using Open VPN protocols(UDP/TCP)
  • One click connect/disconnect
  • Download apps that are not yet available in your country

Download VPN CM Security-Free Fast VPN from below.

VPN CM Security-Free Fast VPN

Are you already using this VPN? Share your review and experience with this in the comment section below.

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