One of the primary function of the mobile it to make a call or to take a call from someone. Now, the latest smartphone devices come with many features, but, the functions of calls are as it is. The calling is one of the greatest features of both, Android as well as other OS phones. But, with the increasing in the use of technology, some sources have also launched the app, which makes a fake call. By using those apps, you can tease any person just for entertainment. We are coming with an interesting topic which is also related to the fake call. Here, we will discuss Caller ID Faker And Recorder Android app.

The Caller ID Faker & Recorder app will allow you to annoy any from your group circle. So, now take a look at the discussion and keep using this app just for to getting the entertainment.

Caller ID Faker And Recorder Android App

The Caller ID Faker And Recorder app is readily available the Google Play Store.It comes with the latest updates version 5.2.4, along with some amazing features. The compatibility of this app is high with all the Android smart devices. But, to use this app after downloading and installing it on your device, registration is a must. You can register yourself by entering your Email address only. After the successful enrolment in this app, you are free to make fake calls.

caller id faker

To make fake calls, you have just to enter the number to which you want to make a call. After that, you also have to enter the fake caller ID, that you want to show them. With the use of this app, you can also change the voice of the caller. For that, three options are already there as None, Man, and Woman.


You can also record all the fake calls, by tapping on the option of Record On. It also allows you to make an international call. You can also earn the credits and points by making the fake calls to others.

To use this fantastic app, download caller id faker from below link. If you are happy with the discussion and this app, then also share it with others to make them happy.

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