As we know, the smartphone is one of the important needs of our routine life. Some users are also using some external accessories to make their android smartphone more customizable. For an example, the people are using cases, back covers, stickers, and much more. Some of them are also using costly things to make the device more and more personalized. But, if you know that you can also customize your device from the inside of the smartphone. Yes, you can set a Boot Animation for your device.

What is the Boot Animation

But, here one question is also arise that what is the boot animation? The Boot Animation is an animation which will be displayed on the device whenever you are boot your smartphone device. For boot animation, you can also set your favorites. To turn on the boot animation on your device, you have to take a help from an android app. The Boot Animations app will allow you to do so. So, here we will be discussing this amazing app. So, take a look at it to use it on your device.

Boot Animations Android App :

With the help of this app, you can set an animation for your device. That animation appears on the screen, whenever you are booting your smart device. But, before using this app, check your android whether it is rooted or not. If your device is not rooted, then you will not be able to use this special app. If you want to use this app, then you must root your device first. Also of that, your rooted device should compatible to install custom boot animations.

The Boot Animations app is easily available at the Google Play Store. The Boot Animations comes with more than hundreds attractive boot animations for android. You can also install boot animations from the external SD card. The app also allows you to convert the animated GIF into a boot animation for the device.

boot animation

Before configuring boot animation, you can also take previews of the boot animation along with high quality. This app also permits you to edit the boot animation, before setting it. You can edit it by changing the dimensions, background color, frame rate, and more.

This app is also compatible with the CyanogenMod Theme Engine. It means if you are running ROM along with this theme engine, then you do not need root access. Apart from this, if you have Samsung phones, then you must need root access to use this app. Before using this app, you should backup the ROM for data recovery. Because the app causes some issues sometimes.

So, by using this app, you can easily set a boot animation for your rooted android device. If you seem that this discussion is helpful to you, then also share it with others.

Boot Animations for Superuser
Boot Animations for Superuser
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