How To Boot Android Phones into Safe Mode

Android is a most popular operating system from Google. Sometimes your Android smartphone isn’t able to force stop or disable third party applications. But how to stop & disable Third party apps on my phone? Here we have one solution to disable third party application on your phone, called Safe Mode. Yes, you can solve your all issues that caused by third party apps. Only you have to boot Android into SafeMode, and it will automatically disable all third party apps on your phone.

What is safe mode on Android

If you are using a computer, then you probably know about safe mode on a computer. Well, safe mode on a computer is very much similar to android safe mode. If you are having any issue with a specific app, you can boot your device into safe mode and easily uninstall that app. Sometimes you see your device automatically downloads third-party apps & you don’t have control over this. Safe mode will help you to get such app kick out of your device.

Sometimes, you will face instant battery drain, rebooting the device, again and again, screen activity stops suddenly or many such issues arises because of third-party apps installed on our device.But by turning a device on safe mode, helps you to fix or uninstall unwanted apps from your device.

How to Boot Android into SafeMode

The Safe Mode helps you to disable all third-party application that you have downloaded on your Android device. If you have to any minor problem in your Android smartphone so, you can try this guide to fix minor issues on your phone.

Follow these three simple steps to start your device in safe mode.

How to Boot Android into Safe Mode

  • Press the Power button for a few seconds as power off your phone
  • You have to Tap and hold on “Power Off” option. Wait until your Android device prompts you to Boot into SafeMode.
  • Press “Ok” button. Now your Android smartphone will boot into Safemode.

Here you can see the below image, all third-party apps and downloaded apps on the device are disabled automatically in Safe Mode. In the Safe Mode, you can access an only pre-installed application on your smartphone that comes with the smartphone.

how to boot in safe mode

Once your device gets started into safe mode, you will notice safe mode watermark. Usually, this safe mode icon can be found on the bottom left of your device’s screen. In the Safe Mode, you won’t be able to access third-party application that you downloaded on your Android smartphone. You can access only pre-installed apps that come with your device.

For Android 4.1 or Later (Stock Android Smartphones)

  • To reboot into Safe Mode on your android smartphone, long press the power button until you see the popup Menu which has following options

• Power Off
• Airplane Mode
• Silent Mode

  • After that, you have to long tap on “Power Off” option until you see the popup message that prompts you to reboot your device into Safe Mode.
  • Now, you have to tap on OK option to reboot your device into the Safe Mode.

For Samsung Galaxy smartphones

  • First of all, press the Power button and select the “Power Off” to turn off your device.
  • Now Press and hold the Power button, until you see the Samsung Boot Animation
  • Now, Release the power button and press and hold the Volume Down button (Keep holding the Volume Down button until your device boots up)

After the device boots up, you can see the Safe Mode Watermark at the bottom left side of your smartphone screen.

How to Turn off Safe Mode on Android

It is quite simple as you usually reboot your Android smartphones & tablet device. You just have to tap & hold the power button. So as your device prompt power option on the screen. Now click on Restart button to restart the smartphone.

Now follow these simple steps to turn off Safe Mode on android. Check this article for more information.

boot Android into SafeMode

  • Press & hold power button until you see options
  • In the Power Options, tap on “Restart” button to reboot your Android Device
  • Now, tap on “Ok” button to complete this action

We have also created a video on enabling or disabling safe mode on any android device below. Check it out for further help.

We hope you have enjoyed this article, if you need any additional troubleshooting help regarding safe mode on Android, feel free to share your comments below.

Last Updated On: November 28, 2017

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