We know that how much the addiction of smoking can affect the human being. It can badly affect the wealth and health of a human. And, even after knowing this, there are many people out there who can not quit the smoking. Some of them are really want to quit, but even after trying hard, they ended up with no result. So, to be a responsible human, here we are having the discussion on Best Quit Smoking App. This guide will help you to quit the smoking with step-by-step activity.

So, let us direct jump on the handy guide for all the smoker.

Best Quit Smoking App

Here, you will have the Best Quit Smoking App guide. All the apps we are going to discuss are readily available at the Google Play Store. They are freely available at there. It offers high compatibility with all of your Android devices.

Quit Smoking

The Quit Smoking is really a helpful app to quit the smoking. With this app, you can easily monitor your stats from the date you have been quitting the smoking. Along with it, you can check the time since you have quit it and the money saved also. This app also lets you check the state of the nation. It will provide info like population, total smoke-free, total money saved, and more.

Quit Smoking App

It will also show you the health benefits to all the smoker who have quit the smoking. To remember the date since you smoke-free, it also has a built-in calendar. It also offers you some games to play. This games will also help you to do not remember the smoking.

Features of Quit Smoking

  • Easy monitoring of the stats from the date you have been smoke-free
  • Check the time since you have quit
  • Check the State of the Nation with categories like population, total smoke-free, total money saved, and more
  • Health benefits in %
  • Built-in calendar and attractive Games
Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation
Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation


The Smoke-Free is another best app for quitting the smoking. The Dashboard of the app lets you check your progress after you have been smoke-free. You can also check out the money that you have saved after quitting the smoking.

Since the date you have been quitting, it shows how many cigarettes you have not smoked. Along with, it shows the benefits to your health. You can also check how much of life in terms of minutes you have gained by quitting the smoking.

Smoke-Free App

Along with this, you can also share your success of quitting the smoking with your friends via social platforms. You can also note down your greed for smoking the cigarettes.

Even after the greed, you succeed to not smoking, then it will count as a huge improvement. But, for all the stats, you have to add some info to the app to have a clear advantage. This info will turn out as a huge impact at the end when you succeed to quit the smoking.

Features of Smoke-Free

  • The dashboard lets you check your progress since you have been smoke-free
  • Check out the saved money
  • Shows Health Benefits in %
  • Check life regained in terms of minutes by quitting the smoking
  • Share your success of quitting using various social platforms
Smoke Free - quit smoking now
Smoke Free - quit smoking now

Stop Smoking

To quit the smoking with beautiful and attractive way, the Stop Smoking is the best app. It offers a useful and classic UI. You can have full info regarding how much of money you have saved by not smoking. It lets you set the image of your loved one for the treat to see how much time you take.

If you want to smoke the cigarettes very badly, then this app has also a troubleshooter for it. This option is available as a Beat an Urge. To beat the urge of smoking, this option will have a mind game. It makes you busy with the game to forget the smoking urge.

Stop Smoking

If you can not quit the smoking within a single time, then do not worry. This app also has a feature of Quit Slowly. For that, you have to set the goals and that goal has to be achieved by you with the span of time. After quitting the smoking, it also lets you check the health benefits.It displays the lifetime you will gain by doing so.

Features of Stop Smoking

  • Useful and Classic UI
  • Check the money you have saved by not smoking
  • Set the treat for your loved one as a target in terms of money to achieve it by not smoking
  • Beat an Urge feature will help you to break your urge of smoking by the games
  • Quit Slowly option lets you quit the smoking in a span of particular time by setting the goal
  • Health Benefits including Blood circulation, Mental health, Physical fitness, Lungs, and more
Stop Smoking - EasyQuit
Stop Smoking - EasyQuit


The SmokeFree would be the best app for you to quit the smoking. For this app, you have to register yourself. While setting up, this app offers two ways to quit the smoking, Quit, and Reduce.

If you are eagerly wanted to quit the smoking, then the Quit mode will be for you. If you want to quit from time-to-time, then the Reduce moe will help you. To quit the smoking, you can set the goals like buying a new smartphone, new laptop, new bike, and more. This kind of goal also keeps you motivated whenever needed.


As a Motivation is a great inspiration, this app also lets you set the motivators. It could be either your parents, wife, friends, children or other.

This app would also be compatible with the smartwatches. The data sync of the app across the devices is also noticeable. You can also share your success on the Facebook to get like and share. You can also add some tips related to the quitting.

Features of SmokeFree

  • Quit Mode and Reduce Mode
  • Quit mode for quick quitting of the smoking
  • Reduce Mode for quitting the smoking by reducing the amount of cigarettes day-by-day
  • Set the goals like buying a new smartphone, new laptop, new bike, and more for quitting
  • Set the motivators that always motivates you to do so
  • Highly compatible app with the smartwatches
  • Automatic sync across the devices
  • Share your success on the Facebook for more motivation

Quit Tracker

If you are highly motivated to quit the smoking, then you need such kind of more motivation. To raise up your will of quitting, the Quit Tracker app will help you. With easy monitoring, you can analyze how much you have saved by not smoking. To motivate you, it also displays how long you have been staying without a single smoke.

Quit Tracker

As we know that not smoking will also help you by regaining the life. The same thing this app will also display as you are not smoking more.

With this app, you will get a perfect motivation to break this bad habit. You can check your overall progress including saved money, life regained, smoke-free, and more. The health benefits also show you how the quitting is good for your health.

Features of Quit Tracker

  • Great motivation to quit the smoke
  • Motivation will raise your will of quitting
  • Easy monitoring of your Progress
  • Checks how much money saved by not smoking, Life Regained, and more
  • Health benefits let you see quitting is how good for your health in %
Quit Tracker: Stop Smoking
Quit Tracker: Stop Smoking
Developer: despDev
Price: Free

So, in the end, we hope that this handy guide Best Quit Smoking App will be very helpful to you. In which, we have listed best apps to quite smoking yourself, with their own specific features. All of them will really conscious to help you if you want to quit the smoking.

If you seem that it is a useful weapon to quit the smoking, then also share it with other smokers. Do also let us know your views on this guide if it helps you to do so.

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