If you want to guard your mobile phone or smartphone against accidental drops and damages and find for best Google pixel 5 cases. either you can use a mobile phone cover or a case for it. Also, if you’re a casual dopehead either it’s a must to have a phone cover for your mobile phone or smartphone. There are different types of mobile phone covers available in the list, and each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some mobile covers or cases can cover the entire phone, and some cover only the phone body and not the display screen. Now phone cases can be as big about making a fashion statement and reflecting your fun personality as much as they’re about giving protection. Phone cases not only defend the phone but also provides the developer with a look.

If your phone is without any damage, your phone’s life will get increase, and it’ll last longer. Also, you can get better resale value for it if you wish to retail it anytime.

Top Rated Google Pixel 5 Cases

OtterBox Defender Series

Otterbox Defender series cases are the best and recommended Pixel 5 cases from our list. It comes in 6.2 x 3.5 x 1.3 inches size while it’s made up of Polycarbonate shell & rubber slipcover material.

OtterBox Defender Series for Pixel 5

For heavy-duty phone cases, OtterBox is the first choice. It includes a multilayer setup with a soft foam inside the shell that keeps your smartphone protected from any accidental damage it comes across.

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Poetic Cases (for Full Body Protection)

Protects your google pixel 5 from damages using poetic case. Its Includes Made-in Screen Protector, Clear polycarbonate back, and TPU buffer and Bumpers. This Phone case frame gives super protection from drops and keeps your screen safe.

Poetic Guardian Series Designed for Google Pixel 5 Case

Its Impact-resistant TPU lining around the polycarbonate case provides shock-absorbing cushioning protection for the corners and enhances grip to help to slide. Premium clear polycarbonate prevents creaks on the device and increases the clarity of your phone. Protect the baking side of your phone from scratch.

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Lanhiem Case (Waterproof)

This waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof Lanhiem Pixel 5 case comes with a completely sealed design with a phone bandage for accessible carrying. It’s Supports wireless charging. By using an assembled-in HD plastic screen guard, damage and dirt will not affect the touch acuity. A transparent back cover will show off the beauty of your Pixel 5.

Lanhiem Pixel 5 Case

Its Lightweight TPU material with a hard plastic frame makes your phone light and challenging; a slim body (15.57 *8.14 *1.3 cm) does not add much to the size of your Google Pixel 5 5G. Best waterproof case compatible with Google Pixel 5.

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Insten Liquid Silicone Case (Hand Strap Included)

Secure your treasured phone from scrape and drops with a liquid silicone case. This case is compatible with Google Pixel 5. The case protects the phone’s backside from knocks and drops. It offers complete all-around protection and prevents scrapes.

The interior is lined with soft microfiber to ensure a gentle fender against your phone’s body, designed to work with wireless waiters.

Insten Liquid Silicone Case For Google Pixel 5

Precise cutouts allow complete and easy access to all buttons, controls, and havens without removing the case. The case is soft to the touch. Its smooth, silky skin is clear and dirt resistant. It also features a hand slip included to freely wear on your wrist, more precluding the phone from falling.

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Capsule Case (Unique Cases)

This case is made of Absorbing TPU and a hard polycarbonate PC plastic hybrid case that protects your phone from everyday bumps and scrapes. Easy access to all buttons and harbors. This case is perfectly suited for your requirement.

Capsule Case Compatible with Pixel 5

This case is specially designed to fit your Google Pixel 5 with Kudo silicone rubber and hard polycarbonate PC plastic intercross material. It offers outstanding phone protection and a unique look to fit your lifestyle.

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Google – Pixel 5 Case Blue Confetti (Machine -Washable)

Blue confetti Google Pixel 5 cases are Safe and mindfully made. Excellent colors and machine-washable fabric keep your suit looking great. The slim, raised-edge design helps keep your screen and camera safe from scrapes. The Pixel 5 Case uses over 70 % recycled materials, including fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Google - Pixel 5 Case Blue Confetti

This is a very stylish case for google pixel 5. phone security is one of the major things we need to think about. This case is perfectly suited to your need.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. Is Google Pixel 5 waterproof?

No, it’s not a waterproof smartphone but it is water-resistant and rated IP67. It can survive submersion in fresh water up to one meter for up to 30 minutes. However, you can use Lanhiem Case, which is waterproof in the list above.

2. Are pixel 4 and 5 cases the same?


3. What are the other popular brands selling Google Pixel 5 cases?

There are so many popular android phone case brands selling Google Pixel 5 cases like Moment, Caseology, Lifeproof, Spigen, Tudia DualShield Merge, Bellroy, Vena, Google, Mous Limitless, X-Level, and many more others.


Protect your google pixel 5 using best cases. We suggest some best cases from top sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. Check above and secure the backside of your mobile.

Lanhiem Pixel 5 Case is best on the list, but Capsule Case Compatible with Pixel 5 is simple but stronger. But if we think about smoothness, then from our point of view, Insten Liquid Silicone Case for Google Pixel 5 is also something you can buy.

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