If you want to change the looks of your android device, you can do so quickly by downloading free themes for Android from the Google play store. However, installing and configuring the theme is not as easy as you think. This is because customization on Android devices is now completely different than what they have been in the past.

You can also modify your android UI in every possible way, and you can easily change your icon, fonts, home screen, and much more with the free themes for Android smartphones and tablets.

Launchers and custom widgets are the easiest way to improve your device interface. Google play store is full of themes which give classy looks to your Android device, and most of those themes are free to download.

So, in this article, we are going to introduce you to the best 7 free themes for Android, which will improve the appearance of the UI of your phone.

Before proceeding towards the best free themes for Android list, we will tell you about the basics.

Basics Of Android Themes

It is not true that every smartphone has the same theme. In fact, two smartphone models of the same brand could have different themes and launcher installed. Well, you can read “Best Android Launcher To Replace Your Home Screen” to explore and find some other third-party launcher for your phone. And, to apply any of those launchers with default themes available on your device, you have to follow some simple steps which are mentioned below:

  1. Tap and hold the empty spot on your screen.
  2. Tap on themes option.
  3. Scroll down through the lists of available free themes and choose the one which you want to apply.
  4. When you tap on your favorite theme, you will be taken to the theme description page, from there click on download option.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to install, and apply the theme into your device.

Note: These steps may vary according to the brand and model of the android device.

The themes that are available on each device will vary, but if you are not happy with the selection, then don’t worry, you can get some of the exciting third-party themes from the Google play store as well.

Here are the best 7 themes that we found much better than the other themes.

Top 7 Best Free Themes For Android Smartphones And Tablets

To install any of the themes that are present in the Google play store, you will first need to install a launcher. Once you download the item, open it, you will be prompted to download the right launcher. When it’s done, you can apply the theme easily. Have a look below to get familiar with the top 7 list.

Blue Silver Metal Launcher Theme

For applying the blue-silver metal launcher theme, you first need to install CM launcher. The blue-silver metal theme is one of the best themes for every smartphone, especially for those who use blue or black cases for their Android phones.

Blue Silver Metal Launcher Theme

It’s simple and sophisticated style is perfect for the business person as the theme will match your style. One of the unique features that we have noticed in this theme is Notification Cleaner. If you get tons of garbage notifications on your device, then notification cleaner clears all your device garbage in just a minute.

What you will like the most in this theme:

  • Fresh blue colour and smooth animations.
  • Through this launcher, you can easily hide your essential apps which you don’t want others to see.
  • Night mode and customizations are also pretty good.

What we don’t like about the theme is:

  • Some exciting features are hidden behind a paywall.
  • The free version supports ad, and the ads pop up in weird places.

Pink Cherry Blossom Theme

This Pink Cherry Blossom Theme also requires CM launcher. Pink cherry blossom theme, as the name suggests, will offer you feel like the spring season. Once you install this, you can easily customize your wallpapers and new icons that make you feel the warmth of the season.

Pink Cherry Blossom Free Theme For Android

The exciting feature of this theme is that you can easily hide the apps, in case there is something you would like to hide from others.

What you will like about this theme is:

  • Easily modify home screen animations.
  • Feel like springtime.
  • Amazing customizable settings that include search option, display, and more.

What we don’t like in this theme is:

  • Some of the great features hidden behind a paywall.
  • This theme is ad-supported
Pink Cherry Blossom Theme
Pink Cherry Blossom Theme
Developer: Cool Wallpaper
Price: Free

Phoenix Theme

For applying the phoenix theme, you need to install ME launcher. This theme will give you the feeling of summer. This phoenix theme has replaced some icons with the flaming representations.

Phoenix Free Android Themes

Flames also surround other icons, but that is easily recognizable. This theme also includes some useful tools like the phone booster that helps you in increasing the performance of your phone.

What you will like about this theme:

  • The effective junk cleaner feature which removes all the misbehaved files after uninstalling any app.
  • The phoenix theme comes up with app locker, which secures your all apps.

What we don’t like about this theme is:

  • Rearrange apps into the folder but is different from your arranged folder.
  • Ad-supported theme.
  • If you don’t use the full screen, a constant reminder will stay on your screen always.

Colour Fluorescent Black Theme

The colour fluorescent black theme also requires CM launcher, which you must install to apply the theme. The fluorescent colour theme is also called Party Theme because the dark background and 3D animations give a unique look to all the icons.

Colour fluorescent black theme FOR ANDROID

You enjoy this theme because like the other themes in CM launcher, this theme also has plenty of customization options, including changing the background and the looks of the icon.

What you will like about this theme is:

  • Dark but 3D animation design of icons.
  • Tons of wallpapers and icons to change.
  • Ability to hide apps from others.

What we don’t like in this theme is:

  • Irritating ads between works.
  • Some cool features behind the hidden wall.

3D Koi Fish

Again, for applying the 3D koi fish theme, you need to install CM launcher. It is one of the most peaceful themes for Android. If you are not using your phone, three koi fish will swim lazily on to your screen, but when you swipe your phones screen right or left, they swim faster.


When your device is not in use, the bubbles of ripple water appear on the screen. Like other CM launcher themes, this theme is also come with dozens of wallpapers and icons to change.

What you will like about this theme:

  • There is a koi pond right on your screen.
  • Water ripples react while you touch the screen

Cute Cartoon Penguin Theme

Cute Cartoon Penguin Theme Android

Cute cartoon penguin theme also requires CM launcher to apply the theme. Adorable penguin is the main attraction of this theme. All other icons come up with the smaller version of penguins on an iceberg. The cute cartoon penguin theme is fun as it comes with unique wallpapers and attractive icons.

What you will like about this theme:

  • Cute icons and customizable animations.
  • Enhance the performance of your phone by performance booster.

Christmas Santa Winter Theme

Christmas Santa winter theme for Android

Again, it requires CM launcher for applying the Christmas Santa winter theme. By using this theme, you can modify your app icon into the holiday decorations. Like other CM launcher themes, this theme also helps you in hiding your apps and boosts your phone’s performance.

What you will like about this theme:

  • Performance booster
  • Holiday theme applied to all icons.
Christmas Santa Winter Theme
Christmas Santa Winter Theme


So, those are the best seven themes for Android mobile phones and tablets. All the themes have their own advantages and disadvantages; you can easily select the theme according to your preference.

So, that’s all for today, do follow TheAndroidPortal and stay tuned with us for more updates.