ether it’s a hurricane, wildfire blackout, or another natural disaster, preemptive action to prepare for emergencies can go a long way.

While most technologies rely on electricity, many fundamental tech essentials use alternative energy sources.

These technologies allow you to survive and continue to have the necessities until you regain power.

We’ll cover four tech essentials you need to have in case of emergencies.

1. Portable Power Stations

Portable power stations provide electricity when and wherever you need it, whether during a camping trip or a power outage. The key is to look for power stations with a high battery capacity to last longer.

Higher-capacity PPS units allow you to power up multiple devices for longer such as laptops, refrigerators, coffee makers, and a washer.

You can charge a PPS in multiple ways, such as through a regular power outlet, your car’s adapter, or solar panels. We recommend having a portable solar panel setup along with the power station, so you don’t drain your car battery.

2. An Emergency Radio

An emergency radio is an essential tech device to access information broadcast worldwide. Whether a local disaster or an apocalyptic event, the radio lets you receive and sometimes even communicate with others.

The ability to communicate during an emergency is difficult due to the disruption of communication lines. There are many types of reliable emergency radios, such as:

Battery-operated radio: Runs on batteries, which is a great alternative source for communication compared to your phone

Two-way radio transceiver radio: You can send and receive signatures. The antenna lets you receive prompt updates.

Solar power radio: Powered by solar energy so you can still communicate during blackouts

A hand-crank radio: A portable radio that fits into your bag and can receive regular updates

A radio will warn you about any natural disasters or severe weather to come, so you can be alerted before it happens.

3. Campstove

Sitting at home eating only dried canned food can last you for so long. Camping stoves can use various fuel types, such as propane or gas, for cooking your food. It’s a great way to enjoy your comforting home-cooked meals, especially during a turbulent time when you may not have all of your everyday luxuries.

Some high-tech camping stoves even allow you to turn wood burning into electricity. It could also have features to charge your devices like LED lights, phones, and other devices.

4. Solar Lanterns

Blackouts can strike anytime, and you want to be well-prepared for emergencies no matter what happens. A flashlight might not be enough light to get around your house. And using your phone’s flashlight will quickly drain its batteries.

We recommend solar camping lanterns to light up your home. They serve as a handy emergency light during extended blackouts.

Solar lanterns typically have multiple charging modes, such as through the sun or other methods like DC, USB port, or a car plug-in.

Wrapping It Up

While most people preach having an emergency kit, having alternative technologies to keep your lights on and power your tech devices is just as important.

A combination of a portable power station, radio, camp stove, and solar lanterns can keep you comfortable and ready for the worst.

Add these items to your survival kit and have peace of mind knowing you can weather any storm.

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Bhavesh Sondagar is editor in chief at He loves to write about tech, gadget and android apps.