The earbud is one of the most necessary accessories for all smartphone users. Most of the users are also feel happy when they got Earbud with the purchasing of the new mobiles. But nowadays, some of the manufacturers are not providing the earbud along with the new device. While it’s not a major issue to worry about. You can also buy earbuds from the market and online market. But, as a user, you might have worried about how to choose the best earbud from the thousands of varieties. So, to make you feel free about that, here we have a solution. Here, we are for discussing the best earphones under 100 dollars.

The Earbud is a much-needed accessory for all users. It will never let allow people what you are listening to. Also that, you can hear whatever you want to hear without worrying about the people around you. But, there is also a disadvantage of listening to music at high volume using earbud. It may damage your ear if you do not take care. Listening to the music using an earbud at mow music is very fruitful for you.

For some users, money also matters. So, they can not buy costly earbuds. For those users, this discussion is here. In which, you can decide to buy an earbud which comes within the budget. As we have discussed above that here we are to discuss Best Earbuds Under $100. So, the price of the earbuds which are going to discuss over here is also affordable.

Best Earphones Under 100 dollars

All the earbuds you can have visited here are readily available at So, here is this that you need to visit. Have a look at the detailed discussion and choose the best earbud.

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Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Earbud

The Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Earbud comes with Two Year Warranty from the Sennheiser dealer. It has a long cable up to 1.3 meters, which also has a combined 3.5 mm jack. This comfortable design of this earbud will provide you with a tangle-free experience of your most favourite music. This Sennheiser earbud is easily compatible with all Android devices, especially Samsung Galaxy Device. It offers 3 Buttons In-line Remote to enhance the ease of the user. This remote has an inbuilt mic, which you can use while receiving and making the call.

If you are looking for a stylish earbud, then this will be the best for you. For its high durability, it is designed with Polycarbonate and Machined Stainless Steel material, which has high-quality dynamic transducers. Due to that, it ensures that you will always get a piece of accurate music with excellent sound. For the perfect fit, it also offers you Four sets of ear adapters of different sizes.

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Earbud

Features of Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Earbud:

  • Two Year Warranty from Sennheiser dealer
  • Long Cable with minimized tangle experience
  • Easily compatible
  • 3 Buttons In-line Remote with inbuilt mic
  • Designed with Polycarbonate and Machined Stainless Steel material
  • High-quality Dynamic Transducers for the great output

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Bose SoundSport In-Ear Earbud

If you want a deep clear sound, then the Bose SoundSport In-Ear Earbud might be the best. To deliver you a high clarity natural sound, this Bose item comes with TriPort technology. This product is fully Sweat Resistant and Weather Resistant. That means sweat and bad weather can not damage your Bose Earbud. So, you can also use it even in the rainy season. It build-up with long-lasting durability and high-quality material.

To provide a suitable fit for the earbud, it comes with 3 pairs of Stay Hear tips. You can use any pair of them as per the shape of the ear or your requirement. To avoid the tangle of the wires, you can also have a protective carrying case for it. It will also provide protection to the earbud against some accidental activities.

Bose SoundSport In-Ear Earbud

Features of Bose SoundSport In-Ear Earbud:

  • Ensures deep clear sound with TriPort technology
  • Sweat Resistant and Weather Resistant
  • Built with long-lasting durability and high-quality material
  • 3 pairs of Stay Hear tips to use as per the requirement of ear
  • Attractive Protective Carrying Case

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Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphone

The Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphone comes with a detachable cable. So, you can anytime make it detach from the earphone. This Shure earphone comes with a Sound Isolation feature. This feature will not allow you to disturb yourself by outside noise while you are listening to music. It will provide sound isolation up to the 37 dB range of noise. It will also enhance the overall music experience. Along with the great music experience, you can also feel the fabulous bass experience with it.

As each ear has a different size, this item comes with 3 pairs of sleeves as Small, Medium, and Large. So, you can get a perfect fit in the ear to feel the high-quality sound. These sleeves are flexible, so you can use them without worrying its damage. For taking care of the earphone, the Fit Kit also comes. The durability of this item is very high along with excellent comfort. It is a lightweight product that has a nozzle angle design, for wearing it comfortably in the ear.

Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphone

Features of Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphone:

  • Detachable Cable
  • Sound Isolation up to 37 dB
  • Provides great music and bass experience
  • 3 Pairs of flexible sleeves for the perfect fit
  • Protective carrying kit
  • High durability and excellent comfort
  • Nozzle angle design, for wearing comfortably

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JayBird BlueBuds XSport Bluetooth Earphone

Are you exhausted by using the earphone which consisting the long wires? If Yes, then this is time to use wire-free or cable-free earphones. For that, the JayBird BlueBuds XSport Bluetooth Earphone is one of the best earphone options for you. As the name suggests, the JayBird earphone comes with a Bluetooth option. To listen to music through it, you just have to connect your device to the earphone. After establishing the proper connection, you will be able to listen to music. And, for that, you do not need to insert the earphone into the device.

The JayBird BlueBuds XSport Bluetooth Earphone provides you with appreciable sound. If you would like to listen to music while having any physical exercises, then this product is the best option. But, you have to charge this earphone time by time. This can be the disadvantage of this item. with one full charge, this JayBird Bluetooth Earbud can run for 8 hours of a long time. It is a sweat resistance product. You will also get a Lifetime Warranty for this product. 

JayBird BlueBuds XSport Bluetooth Earphone

Features of JayBird BlueBuds XSport Bluetooth Earphone:

  • Bluetooth support
  • Feel an appreciable sound
  • The best option is to listen to music while having physical exercises, sports exercises, and more activities
  • Provides 8 hours of playtime/one charge
  • Sweat resistance
  • Lifetime Warranty

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Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud

The Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud is one of the stylish and cool earbuds. This earbud comes with an integrated mic which is also compatible with the smartphone. It also has an In-line remote. Both of these can easily be compatible with all Android and Apple devices. This Panasonic item will be able to provide a balanced audio output with a wider frequency. It contains a 3.6 feet cord, which can comfortably stay inside the clothes. With the use of it, the sound quality of this earphone will let you feel like you are in the Live Concert. 

For the appropriate fitting of this earbud, it comes with three pairs of ear sleeves. The three pairs come as Small, Medium, and Large. As per the shape of the ear, you will be free to use any of the sleeves. By using it, you can comfortably wear it for a long time. 

Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud

Features of Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud:

  • Stylish and Cool earbuds
  • Integrated Mic and Inline Remote
  • Balanced audio output with wider frequency
  • 3.6 feet long cord
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Three pairs of ear sleeves – Small, Medium, and Large
  • Comfortable Wearing

FiiO EX1 Nanotech Titanium In-Ear Monitors

The FiiO EX1 earbud comes with a Nanotech Titanium Diaphragm Drivers. It is there to provide you with a high-level music experience across all the frequency bands. It is constructed with CNC milled non-resonant full metal body. In which, the front half contains stainless steel, while the remaining one has anodized duralumin. This FiiO In-Ear monitor is committed to delivering high clarity sound. Along with the good bass frequency, it also has minimized sound distortion. 

To get a perfect fit for this earbud, it offers a small rounded on-ear driver. This FiiO item is designed in such a way that ensures its long-term durability. It also confirms the wearing comfort of the in-ear monitors.

FiiO EX1 Nanotech Titanium In-Ear Monitors

Features of FiiO EX1 Nanotech Titanium In-Ear Monitors:

  • Nanotech Titanium Diaphragm Drivers for high-level music experience across all the frequency bands
  • Constructed with CNC milled non-resonant full metal body
  • Delivers high clarity sound across high frequencies with minimized sound distortion.
  • Ensures Long-term Durability and Wearing Comfort

Beats Earbud

The Beats Earbud will provide you with a fantastic music experience. To get clear and accurate music with high bass frequency, the Beats earbud is one of the best options. This earphone will be able to deliver you a balanced sound output. For the perfect fit of this item in your ear, this product comes with extra 6 pairs of different ear tips. These ear tips will help you to get fit into the ear as per the shape of the ear.

The Beats Earbud also has an inbuilt mic. The mic will help you while calling someone. At that time, you do not have to remove the earphone from the device. With the help of the inbuilt mic, you can attend the call even with inserting it. Also of that, the In-line remote has the functionality of playing the audios. To change the audio, you do not need to unlock the device. For that, the In-line remote is there. It is a very lightweight product to use. If you are using this product with Apple devices, then you may face some issues with the functionality.

Beats Earbud

Features of Beats Earbud:

  • Accurate music with a balanced sound output
  • 6 extra pairs of ear tips for the flexibility of the use
  • Inbuilt mic to attend the call while listening to music
  • In-line Remote to perform changes operation of the music
  • Lightweight

Thinksound MS01 In-ear Earbud:

If you have fond of listening to music like a theatre, then Thinksound MS01 In-ear Earbud is the best earbud. It will surely make you an experience like you are sitting in a theatre while listening to music. This earbud comes with a Noise Isolation feature. It means you will not hear any other sound when the earbud is in the ear. It comes with an ultra-lightweight design. This Thinksound item has reduced the diameter of the speakers for the proper fitting in the ear.

The Thinksound MS01 In-ear Earbud also provides PVC free cables, which are tangle resistance. So, you can easily put this product in your pocket without worrying about the tangle. It is a handcrafted earbud, which has high sustainability. More than that, it also comes with four sets of ear fittings. So, as per your requirement, you will be free to use any sets. In short, to listen to accurate music, the Thinksound In-Ear Earbud will be the best. It also offers you 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Features of the Thinksound MS01 In-ear Earbud:

  • Produce accurate music
  • Noise Isolation
  • Reduced Speaker Diameter for proper fitting
  • Tangle Resistance PVC free cables to put it anywhere
  • High sustainability with Hand Crafted Design

Here, we have discussed Best Earbuds Under $100 price. In which, we have listed best earphones under 100 dollar price range. All the listed earbuds are very good on their way to provide a high-quality music experience.

You can choose any one of them for your regular use. To get to know about the best one, you can also make a comparison of the above-listed items.

We hope that to choose the best earphone, this discussion will be very helpful to you. If it helps you, then do not forget to share it with others who are planning to buy the earphone.

Also, let us know your comments regarding the discussion.

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