There are so many so-called Call Recording apps available in the market that act like Call Recorder on your smartphone but most of them don’t work. E.g. We have discussed Call Recorder app for Samsung & Micromax call recorder app. But they are limited to an only company like Samsung or Micromax. Here in this article, we are going to discuss Total Recall android app that works as a call recorder for almost all android smartphones.If you are looking for App That Records Phone Conversations on a smartphone for FREE then you should read about below app.

It’s important to note that Total Recall is the ONLY app on the play store that will record clearly both sides on devices such as the Moto E/G/X without root, as well as most Huawei devices and that Total Recall can record calls on more devices than any competing product.

Best Call Recording App
Best Call Recording App

Overview of this free call recorder is provided in the screenshot.  At first launch, you will be able to see Recording, Audio, Auto send, General and about section. You can also see buy now button if you are on the FREE version.

We have tried other call recorders, that has ads and to remove ads, we need to upgrade the app. That Total Recall does not have any ads, is a US-based product and is free to use. If you are a free user, there are some premium features in-app will expire after 30 days, however.

Call recording option allows you to few extra options while you are on call. Like auto-activate loudspeaker, disable call recording when you are on Bluetooth, confirm with you to save or not to save call recording on your device. You can also play with recording notification by showing or hiding the call screen widget or recording notification with it.

auto call recorder
Automatic Call Recorder App for android

The audio setting allows you to save your recorded file in another audio format like AMR, WAV, AAC, MP3 format. Moreover, you are also able to change the default storage location of your call recorded on your device or SD card. If you are a the low-end device, this will be helpful for you to save your recorded calls on your SD card. You can also create a folder name where your recorded files are being recorded. Other call recorders might not have any such privilege to rename record folder name.

The interesting thing about this app is the Auto Send feature. This feature allows you to save your recorded calls on a cloud. It means that even if you are resetting your device, or your device gets stolen, you can still access your important recorded calls directly from your cloud account.

Most of the call recorder apps allow you to save your recorded calls only on Google Drive, but this  Total Recall is beyond it. It allows you to save your recorded calls on Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Soundcloud, MEGA or your personal SMTP account. You can even add any email address, where your recorded calls will be emailed automatically. If you want to make it private or prevent it from unauthorized access, you can add a password to it. So nobody will be able to access your recorded calls without a password.

Total Recall Features:

  • Record Conversation on Android
  • Used by millions of users worldwide as their call recording option
  • Offers more cloud uploading options & services than ANY other app
  • Record both-side(input & output) .E.g. You can also use this app to record calls on Moto E/G/X without root, as well as most Huawei devices and that Total Recall can record calls on more devices than any competing product
  • Save your recorded calls in the audio format you want.(MP3, AAC, WAV, AMR)
  • Change default storage location & folder name for recorded calls to save internal memory
  • Best Call Recorder App for Android

If you love to record calls on your smartphone, you should use this app as it helps you to record calls and listen to it later. Do let us know your views or review in the comment section below if you are already using this app. Check out Automatic Call Recorder Free Download from below.

Call Recorder
Call Recorder
Developer: Killer Mobile
Price: Free+