The official release date of the HP Chromebook X2 is 10th of June 2018. Though, far ahead of the release date, the online retailer Best Buy makes it available for you. To take an advantage of it, you must order this HP Chromebook through pre-order. The pre-order was made live by the retailer on 11th of may. If you have done the pre-order, then this HP Chromebook X2 will be in your hand on 7th June of 2018. So, ultimately Best Buy makes the HP Chromebook X2 available even before its release date.

Best Buy makes the HP Chromebook X2 available even before its release date

The HP Chromebook X2 includes 12.3 inches IPS quality display with 2400 x 1600 native resolution. In terms of spec, it features 4 GB RAM memory to run the multiple apps without interrupting the performance. It has 32 GB internal storage space. This HP Chromebook offers its detachable or convertible design. So, you can use it either as a  Laptop or as a Tablet. For its smooth running and significant performance, the Intel Core M3 processor and Intel HD Graphics 615 is attached to it.

In the package, the keyboard, power adapter, and an active pen are also included. The price tag of this device on the Best Buy is $599.99 which is quite affordable.

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