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Best Android Email Apps to Check Your Mails

Best Android Email Apps to Check Your Mails

The message is an essential requirement of every mobile user, whether it is a text message or chat message. Nowadays, the E-mail is also a very popular way of messaging. However, the E-mail is used to exchange the message in the form of digital messages. To send the E-mail, a must thing is electronic devices like smartphone, PC, and tablet. Also of that, there are also some of the Mail apps to store the E-mails in it. Here, we will also discuss some Best Android Email Apps.

Mostly, every user is using the Gmail app on their smartphone device. Gmail is the E-mail app developed by the Google. Nowadays, in all the latest devices, Gmail comes as a pre-loaded E-mail app. But, in the market of Android apps, along with Gmail, there are also some best E-mail apps. And that’s why we need to discuss the Best Android Email Apps. To fulfill the requirement of some other E-mail apps, this discussion is surely for you. So, have a look at the detailed discussion on it and choose your best one E-mail App.

Best Android Email Apps:

Here, in this discussion, we will discuss 5 Best Android Email Apps for your Android device. Among which, you are free to use anyone on your mobile.

Best Android Email Apps

All the apps which are going to discuss here are readily available at the Google Play Store. The compatibility of all the apps is also good with all the Android devices.

1.) Gmail:

Gmail is one of the best mail app developed by the Google itself. In all the newest Android smartphone devices, it comes with a pre-loaded app. Gmail comes with an easy user interface. To use the Gmail on phone or PC, you must have to create an account. You can also use it with your Google ID. It will keep all of your messages secure. In Gmail, the messages are automatically separated as per the categories. However, it comes with three categories for all the messages, Primary, Social, and Promotions. You will receive all the messages separately as per its category.

The inbox of this app is well organized. The home page of the Gmail shows you all the messages except the messages of other two categories. To check it out the message, just tap on it. To send the message to anyone, just tap on the Red Circle, which is at the bottom right corner. You can also search separately and bulk of the message by entering the keyword of that messages. To do so, tap on the sign looks like Magnifying Glass, at the top right corner of the screen. After that, just enter the words or name, and there will be all the message relate to the word.

Best Android Email Apps - Gmail App

The Gmail provides 15 GB of free Google Drive space for storing the messages. With this vast space, you do not need to delete the message continuously. For more settings, there are also options for that in the Gmail. For that, tap on the three horizontal line at the left top corner of the display. It will help you to check out all the messages with labels of Starred, Sent, Drafts, Spam, Bin, and more. By going into the Settings of the app, you can also add another account for the same app. To Archive, just swipes the message from right to left side.

Features of Gmail:

  • The best mail app developed by the Google
  • Primary, Social, and Promotions Categories
  • Well Organized Inbox
  • Easy UI
  • Search option to find the message
  • 15 GB of free space
  • Allow adding the new account
  • Easy Archive process

App Name
Google LLC

2.) Inbox (by Gmail):

This is the another mail app that will help you to organize all the messages with an efficient way. It is the app which is developed by the Gmail Team. So ultimately, we can say that both the apps are similar. But, the main difference between both of these, is the way of presenting the messages. We know that the Gmail presents the messages in a simple way. While, the Inbox presents the messages in an effective way, by which anybody can attract to it. (even me also.)

The Inbox app shows all the messages with its contents, whether it is images, PDF files, Excel files or else. It means if the message has the images, then it shows it below the name of the sender. So, users do not have to need that message to open unless is important. For other contents, the app will treat you as same as images. Like Gmail, this app also has an option of Search with the sign of Magnifying glass. It helps you to find the message easily.

Best Android Email Apps - Inbox App

The new feature of this app is Pinned content. Yes, it is very helpful. This feature is very helpful for all the most important messages. There are some messages that you need to open many times in a day. So, at that time, you will have to find that message from all the messages. It may consume your lots of time. But, to get rid of from this issue, the Pinned content or message helps you a lot. To make the message pinned, just open the message. On the top of the display, you should find a sign like Pin. Tap on it to pin that message. For the access of that message, just tap on the sign of Pin on the main display of the app. You should find there pinned messages.

Features of the Inbox:

  • Efficiently organize all the messages
  • Shows Messages with its contents, images, PDF files, Excel files or else
  • Search option to find the messages
  • Feature of Pinned content to find important messages easily
  • Easy to use and Attractive UI

App Name
Google LLC

3.) Alto:

An Alto is also a good E-mail app that you could have on your android mobile. It is also the best mail app which will handle all the messages effectively. It comes with an interactive UI and is easy to use. Like other apps, this app also provides you an option for searching out the messages in less than a second. To do so, you should find as the same option as above apps, a Magnifying Glass. To send or write a new message, there is also an option of composing. It is at the bottom right corner of the display having the red circle with a pen.

The new feature of this Alto app is that Alto Dashboard. This feature will show you the weather of your location. It also shows you the info regarding the booking, reservation, shipping time, and more. It makes your job of remembering some dates like reservation or flight quite less. This app also has easy navigation to some relevant documents of the messages. For the access of that, just tap on the three horizontal line at the left top corner. Here, you should find the options like Snoozed, Personal, Photos, Files, Unread, Starred, and more. All those options working well respectively with their tags.

Best Android Email Apps - Alto App

To make the messages marks as a read or unread, just swipe the message from left to right. Then, left next to the message, there is an option comes. From there, you can select the message as a read or unread. For more option for particular messages, swipe the message from right to left side. By doing so, you can get some option for all of the messages. The app has been rated 4.4 out of 5.0 by the users.

Features of the Alto:

  • Interactive UI and is easy to use
  • Search option as a Magnifying Glass to search the message
  • Send or Write a new message with the Compose option
  • Alto Dashboard for info of weather, booking, reservation, shipping time, and more
  • Easy Navigation Options like Snoozed, Personal, Photos, Files, Unread, Starred, and more

App Name
AOL Inc.

4.) Aqua Mail:

Like above apps, this app is also the best with their own features. It is an easy to use mail app. On the main screen of this app, it shows you a summary of all the messages. From there, you can get an idea about how many of messages are still unread. It shows you all the messages along with great color combo. It will contain a unique color for all the messages, at the beginning of the message. To read the message, just tap on it. For marking the message as starred, the in front of all the message, there is a sign of Star. Just tap on that message, to do so.

Best Android Email Apps - Aqua Mail App

To compose the message, just tap on the sign of pen in a circle at the bottom left corner. For searching the message, you can use the option of search. It has also an easy option to navigate the messages. This app has got 4.4 out of 5.0 rating by their users. To use more features of this app, you can also update the app to the Pro version of it. In this app, you can sign in from your Google, iCloud, Yahoo, Hotmail, and more accounts. For easy deleting of the message, just swipe the message from left to the right side.

Features of the Aqua Mail:

  • Summary of the message on the Main Screen
  • Tap on the Star to mark the message as Starred
  • Easy way to send the message using the Compose option
  • Easy options to navigate the messages
  • Pro version of the app allows you to more interesting features
  • Sign in with Google, iCloud, Yahoo, Hotmail, and more accounts
  • To delete the message, swipe the message from left to the right

App Name

5.) Blue Mail:

The Blue Mail is an app that would also be able to provide you the best E-mail experience. Likewise, above apps, it also provides the best way to organize your mailbox. It has an attractive user interface. But, the main features of the app is, it allows a separation of the messages. We know that the general mail box contains all the messages whether it is from people, Google, Youtube, or else. But, there is an option, by which you can separate the messages which you have received by only the people. To do so, just tap on the option which stands next to the user name on the main screen.

Best Android Email Apps - Blue Mail app

Below the username, you can see a sign as downside aero. That will show you mostly all the option that you may need. You can also access that option, by tapping on the three lines at the top left corner of the screen. The Blue Mail app shows all the messages in an effective way. It means, the mail received via Google, then it shows the logo of Google at the beginning of the message. As same, if you have got mail via Youtube, it shows the logo of Youtube. It is really an attractive feature of this app. By this feature, the user can easily get an idea that from where the message is coming.

The Blue Mail E-mail app has been rated 4.6 out of 5.0. Most of the users of this app also have praised about the app.

Features of the Blue Mail:

  • Get the best E-mail experience with Blue Mail
  • Best way to organize the mailbox
  • An attractive UI
  • Separation of the messages as Only People and All Mails
  • Shows the logo of most popular community from which you have received the mail like Google, Youtube

App Name
Blue Mail Inc.

Here, we have discussed Best Android Email Apps for Android devices. In which, we have listed 5 Best Apps to check your emails from Android. You can also make a comparison of each app with each other. After that, you can use any of the apps on your device, as per the simplicity op the app. We hope that by the discussion this, we would give you the best suggestion for the E-mail apps.

Among all the apps, most of the people are preferred to use the Gmail. But, all the users would not have the same choice for a most popular app. So, as that point of view, this discussion would like to help you by suggesting you options of the Best Android Email Apps. 

We hope that it will be very useful to you. If it helps, then also share it with other Android users to suggest them the best Email app.

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Last Updated On: June 29, 2017

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