You might be seeing annoying ads on websites you browse. Sometimes on Android apps we download, are also having ads. The primary intention of placing ads for webmaster or app developer is to finance their content. Since they are providing you free content, they need money to run continuing providing you free content or services. Personally, I am not using any ad blocker for Android for products or content that I love to play with. It’s my personal way to giving them back.

Ad Blocker For Android

If you are using any ad blocker or pop-up blocker for android, it is recommended that you have rooted your smartphone. However, this ad blocker won’t help you to disable unwanted app notification on your device. Check this article to see how you can get rid of annoying apps notification, So that you can block ads system wide. However, peoples can also block ads to some extent. Personally, Google does not like an ad blocker. Hence, they have removed Samsung’s first Android ad blocker from the Play Store.

AdAway – best adblock for android

We have found this ad blocker from forum. AdAway is best ads blocking tool for a rooted smartphone, which primarily works on host file. It redirects the connection to specific ads services to your smartphone device. Because of that, ads will not show up on any website you are visiting.

An interesting feature of AdAway is you can also block specific sites based on domains or IPs. So if you think, a particular website should have ads, you can also whitelist those sites to show ads on your device. All you need to do is, configure AdAway for one time, and you have done. Once Android host file has changed, You won’t need to run more apps on your device. Just update your android host file, and you have done.

AdAway Features:

  • Blacklist or Whitelist websites or IP address for showing or blocking ads
  • Easy to setup

This app is not available on Google play store, so you will need to download that from Xda forums here.

If you are not having rooted smartphone, you still can block annoying ads on non-rooted smartphones. Check out this post about Android ad blocker tool published by us for non-rooted smartphones.

Do let us know which ad blocker for Android you are using? Do you love to see ads on websites you visit, or just want to block them? Let us know how do you remove ads on your android by commenting in the comment section below.

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