Backup & Restore WhatsApp to Google Drive in 5 Steps

We have discussed restoring chat backup data from Whatsapp messenger in our earlier articles. Recently WhatsApp has implemented a feature which helps us to auto backup WhatsApp to Google drive efficiently. Here in this article, we are going to discuss on how to backup and Restore WhatsApp Conversations to Google Drive.

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging service app for connecting or sharing their memories, pictures, videos, and also can share your voice clip.

The Backup of your WhatsApp is the best features of WhatsApp messenger. With this feature, you can save your all conversations like chat, images, videos, a voice chat on google drive. Also restore all conversation, if you lose your phone or switch to other new smartphone, With this features your all conversation are safe on cloud storage.

If you’re a smartphone user, it is highly recommended that you create a backup of all your WhatsApp conversation to Google drive. When you create a backup of all conversation may consume more mobile data or WiFi data plan, it depends on your conversation size.  

Whatsapp to Google Drive
Use Google Drive for Backup

How to Backup Whatsapp to Google Drive

  1. Open your WhatsApp messenger > Menu.
  2. Go to “Setting” > “Chat and Calls” > select Chat Backup” option
  3. Select the “Backup to Google Drive” button or You can also set the backup frequency & you have done.

Usually, WhatsApp will ask you to back up a conversation at the time of installing Whatsapp on your smartphone. However, if you have missed that step during the first time WhatsApp installation, you can follow these steps to take a manual backup of WhatsApp chat data to your google drive.

How to Backup Whatsapp to Google Drive Manually

  1. Open your WhatsApp messenger > Menu/Option Button
  2. Go to “Setting” > select “Chat and Calls” option > select “Chat Backup” option
  3. And Set the Backup frequency like Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Never to Your liking.
  4. After Selecting Backup frequency, click on “Done” Button.
Get Whatsapp Conversations Back
Get Whatsapp Conversations Back

Now think that you have already a backup of your all chat data and you want it back to your WhatsApp account after you reset your smartphone to factory setting. Follow these steps to restore WhatsApp data from Google Drive.

How to restore WhatsApp messages from Google Drive

When you switch your phone to another smartphone, you need to restore your all conversation of WhatsApp messenger from an old smartphone to a new one. Check out steps below on How to Restore Whatsapp Conversations. Alternatively, you can look at the video guide on restoring Whatsapp chat & conversation from below.

Follow these on How to Restore Whatsapp Messages

  1. First of all, Sign in your Google account in the new phone that was used for backup.
  2. Open your WhatsApp messenger
  3. If you have installed new Whatsapp app, Enter phone number and verify your phone number
  4. After verifying your phone number, it will ask you to restore messages or not. Select the “Restore” Button
  5. After Clicking “Restore” Button, You receive notification on Screen & you have done.

More details about WhatsApp backup (Whatsapp Backup File Location)

  • The WhatsApp backup files are saved in the “wa” Folder.
  • The backup files named are “MsgStore.bak.”
  • The backup file is saved onto both storage on your device’s phone memory and SD card.
  • You can send only your WhatsApp backup file as a .txt file format from your phone to your Email.How to Configure your Google Drive Backup Settings

How to set WhatsApp to Google Drive

  1. Open your WhatsApp messenger > Menu/Option
  2. Go to “Setting” > select “Chat and Calls” option > Select “Chat Backup” option
  3. And Set the Backup frequency like Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Never & you have done

Now suppose you were using Gmail account on your previous smartphone, but now you want to change your default Gmail account to another Gmail account. You might have saved your WhatsApp data to your old Google Drive account, and you want to move your WhatsApp data to new google drive account. Here is how to do it.

How to change your Conversation Backup Account (Which account you want to backup your Conversation)

  1. Open your WhatsApp messenger
  2. Select the Menu Button
  3. Go to “Setting” and select “Chat and Calls” option
  4. And Select “Account” Button.
  5. Finally Select your account, which accounts you want to create backup your conversation & you have done.

Suppose you want to delete your WhatsApp data file that was a backup on your google drive account. E.g. if you think someone is monitoring your WhatsApp chat using your WhatsApp data file & you want to delete your backup file from google drive, here is how to do that.

How to Delete your Backup Data File From Your Google Drive

If You want to remove Whatsapp backup data file from Google drive permanently, follow steps below.

  1. Open Google Drive and log in your Google account that was used for backup.
  2. After login, If you use your smartphone > Click on “Menu” Button
    Delete Whatsapp chat data from Google Drive
    Android Backup and Restore Data
  3. And, Click on “Setting” icon on the top right side.
  4. Click on the icon and Select the “Setting” Option > Manage App” Option on the left side of new in opened page.
  5. Scroll App list and you find Whatsapp in the App list > Wait few minutes the “Hidden App data” Size loading up.
  6. After Loading “Hidden App data” Size Click on “Option” Button
  7. Now, Click “Delete Hidden App data” option & you have done.

Check out video guide on deleting Whatsapp backup from your Google Drive account.

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Last Updated On: February 25, 2017

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