The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone is one of the best latest smartphones. This Galaxy mobile comes with wide range of the features and specs. It also has some excellent features that you can not see in any other latest smart devices. Behind these broad features, there is one name and is of Samsung. Not even in the S6 Edge device, you can also observe the many features in any Samsung phone. The Galaxy S6 Edge comes with one unique feature, and that is of Baby Crying Detector. You don’t need baby crying detector app for this since this is a built-in feature on galaxy s6 edge device.

What is baby crying detector

As the name suggests, the Baby Crying Detector will quickly detect the sounds of a baby which is crying. It will inform the user with the light and vibration, by which user can know about it. Also remember that this feature will not replace the option of baby monitor replacement. The Samsung specially provides this feature for those users who is suffering from the hearing problems. By using this feature, the users can quickly know the baby is crying or not. Along with the hearing problem users, all the users can also use this feature.

But, to use this Baby Crying Detector feature, first of all, you will have to enable it. But, how to enable baby crying detector on S6 Edge? Most of the Galaxy S6 Edge users does not know that how to activate this feature. So, here let us see that how to enable or activate the Baby Crying Detector feature on S6 Edge. But, before we go ahead, we would like to share important things with you which related to the function.

Keep in Mind before using Baby crying detector

After activating baby crying detector, you should note following things.

  1. “This feature is intended to be used as a parenting aid and not as a medical device.” Before activating the feature, this thing you should keep in mind.
  2. To use baby crying detector feature, you will have to place your phone within 1 Meter area from the baby. Also remember that do not put the device in the noisy area.
  3. If the baby is not with you, then do not use this feature. Also keep in mind that, do not leave the baby alone in building or room, while using this feature.

How to Enable Baby Crying Detector On Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

So, after discussing some important notes, now we will take a look at enabling Baby Crying Detector. Now, have a look at the brief discussion.

  • First of all, launch the menu of the S6 Edge mobile after unlocking it.
  • Now, go to Settings > Accessibility. The Accessibility option will be under the tag of Personal.

Baby Crying Detector 1

  • From there, you will see Hearing option, select it.

Baby Crying Detector 2

  • Then, go to the Sound detectors option.

Baby Crying Detector 3

  • Here, you can see the Baby Crying Detector option. To make it enable, just tap on the toggle which is next to its name.

Baby Crying Detector 4

  • With the tap on it, you will a Warning Notice on display. In the Warning Notice, you should read some important things that we have already discussed above.

Baby Crying Detector 5

  • After reading the notice correctly, at the right bottom of the notice, there is an option of Confirm is given. It is given to you to take your confirmation for the use of this feature. Now, tap on the Confirm button.

Baby Crying Detector 6

  • After tapping on the Confirm, now another pop-up will come on the display with some additional info.

Baby Crying Detector 7

  • At that time, tap on the tap on the Enable option, to finally make this feature enable.

Baby Crying Detector 9

So, if once you follow above process correctly, you can activate this great feature on your S6 Edge. Make sure that, while using this feature, any app or function is using the device’s microphone or not. If yes, then kindly disable it, because it will not allow using this feature to you. For further details of it, you can also check the video on Youtube published by ITJungles at the top of article. Images has also been taken as a reference from this video.

We hope that this explanation about the enabling of Baby Crying Detector on phone will be helpful to you. If you find this guide useful, please share it on your social account to help other peoples having similar questions.

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