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Every smartphone has its own ringtone to set on the device for incoming calls and messages. Among all the users, not everyone likes to set the pre-loaded tune as a ringtone. Some of the users are also want to set their favorite song as a ringtone. That’s why there are many of the songs are in the music files of the every smartphone users. But, due to the bigger length of the song, it can not be set as a ringtone. So, at that time, the best solution is Audio Trimmer app. The Audio Trimmer app allows you to trim your favorite song to make it suitable for the ringtone.

So, to get to know about the Audio Trimmer app, this discussion will help you. As an Audio Trimmer app, here we will use Music Trimmer Android App. By using which, you can trim, edit and cut the song to set it as a ringtone. So, now have a look at the detailed discussion of the Music Trimmer App.

Audio Trimmer – Music Trimmer Android App:

The Music Trimmer is one of the best Android apps to trim the song. After trimming the song, it will use for various purposes like notification tone, message tone, ringtone and others. But, to trim up the song, the Music Trimmer is a must. This app is available on the Google Play Store for all the Android users. It is freely available there. The compatibility of this app is very high with all the Android devices. The ratings of this app are around of 3.8 out of 5.0, which is more than average ratings.

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The homepage of this app will show all the songs and tones, whether it is downloaded or pre-loaded. From here, you have to choose the song that you want to trim or cut. After picking the song, on the next page, you should see the song having a waveform. Here, you can see that there are two sliders.

In which, one slider is on top, and another is at the bottom where the waveform ends. These sliders help you to set the cut length of the song. The entire song is divided into a length of 0.05 seconds. To extend or shorten the dividing length, there is also an option of + and – in the magnifying glass.

Audio Trimmer - Music Trimmer App 2

On the same page, you can set the cut length using the slider given to you. You can also set the length automatically by entering just starting and ending time of the length to be cut.

To do so, at the below of the waveform, you can see the Start and End points. In front of the blanks of their name, just enter the length in terms of Seconds. And, also remember that the waveform of the song is divided into the time.

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After setting the appropriate length, then tap on the option looks like Scissors. It is the option of saving the trimming part of the particular song or tone. On the same display, it shows you a pop-up to save it. Here, if necessary then change the name of that file. You can also set the type of that trimming file from the Music, Alarm, Notification, and Ringtone.

This app also allows you to record the song or voice to trim it, directly from the app. For that, just come back to the homepage and tap on the option looks like Microphone. The Search option helps you to find the song in an easy way.

Audio Trimmer - Music Trimmer App 4

To see only mp3 files on the homepage, the three dots at the top right corner will help you. For that, just tap on it and choose the option Show Only MP3. From the homepage, you can directly share the song via some useful way of sharing the files. To do so, just tap on the downside sign stand next to the every song name. It shows you some options, from which select the Share and you can do it easily.

So, by this way, you can easily trim any audio even in MP3, WAV, AAC, and AMR file format. But, to do so, just download the Music Trimming App. We hope, this audio trimming discussion will help you a lot to do so with a simple way.

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Last Updated On: June 25, 2017

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