Today, during the Taipei Computer Show, the Asus has launched it’s two new highly advanced screens called ASUS ProArt PA34V Professional Monitor and ASUS VY49V. Today, there are many other products have been launched in the Taipei Computer Show, and these include notebook, routers, and displays, etc. And among these, the Asus has launched its two highly advanced displays.

In which, both the display are available in different sizes and come with different specifications. These both the display are best to use for gaming purpose and offer ultra-wide viewing angles.

Asus has launched its new two screens: Ultra Widescreen and High Color


Asus Has Launched Its New Two Screens: Ultra Widescreen and High Color 1

In which, the ASUS PA34A is a widescreen Professional Monitor which is a 34 inches large and comes with a 21:9 aspect ratio. The screen panel of this monitor is an IPS material based and offers a WQHD level resolution.

The Color gamut coverage of this display reaches over 100% sRGB level. The ASUS ProArt PA34A Professional Monitor also offers the △E<2.1900R curvature. With this ASUS ProArt PA34A Professional Monito, you will also get up to three Thunderbolt 3 interfaces to connect the external devices.

It also comes with an ASUS’ exclusive ProArt color correction technology that ensures that color consistency of connected devices will be accurate and sharp.


Asus Has Launched Its New Two Screens: Ultra Widescreen and High Color 2

On the other side, the Asus has launched another Monitor, which is ASUS VY49V and it is a 32:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio based monitor and offers up to 3840×1080 resolution, which is equivalent to two 1080P resolution displays.

The ASUS VY49V Ultra Widescreen does not meet any ROG series of high-profile e-sports on the concept. But still, the refresh rate of this screen is high as 144Hz, and the screen offers 1ms of response time. The ASUS VY49V screen is an equipped with an exclusive GameFast Input technology.

The ASUS VY49V screen also supports the other display technologies such as Extreme Low Motion Blur and Adaptive-Sync. Additionally, the ASUS’ VY49V supports PBP function, which allows you to display images from multiple content sources simultaneously and also allows you to switch freely.

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