Asus and Tencent Announced New Partnership for Upcoming ROG Flagship in China

Asus is fairly popular in the mobile market mainly due to its ROG series of “gaming smartphones”. While the specs may not show the “gaming” side of the devices, Asus performs a lot of optimizations (both software- and hardware-based) and stick a large and powerful battery in the device to make it a viable device for intense mobile gaming. According to the recent Weibo post by Asus ROG, the Asus and Tencent Games partnership is a done deal.

Tencent Games is the company behind the extremely popular Battle Royale video game “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds”. PUBG has been available for PC for quite some time and came out on Android and iOS as well in August of 2018. The mobile game was an instant success and is currently sitting among the most popular and most download applications in both, the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. The mobile game was such a hit that Tencent Games worked with QQ and launched the official Android emulator so that the mobile game could be played on PC.

Asus and Tencent Announced New Partnership for Upcoming ROG Flagship in China 1
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Suffice to say, both of the companies are very popular in the mobile gaming arena. Asus ROG has just revealed that they are in partnership with Tencent Games for the new ROG smartphone. The partnership will work together for the upcoming Asus ROG smartphone to be launched in China.

It’s Official!

The Chinese post said that the deal was signed by Tencent Games and Asus on 5 June 2019. It said that the two companies will put in their respective expertise to strengthen the smartphone’s hardware and software. The sole purpose of this optimization will obviously be for gaming. the post also mentions that the two companies will strive to “strongly launch” the Rog Gaming Phone 2. The two companies hope to give Chinese players a “hearty and impeccably immersive gaming experience.”

What does this mean for the end product? Furthermore, what can we expect the end product to be like? Well, we know for sure that Asus will lead the hardware side of things. Not only is the company a popular smartphone manufacturer, but it is also a massive giant in the PC hardware industry. Since Tencent Games is a software company, we don’t expect them to worry about the hardware.

Tencent Games has two main strengths that can benefit the end product. Firstly, the company is extremely popular in the Chinese market and knows its needs very well. Secondly, the company has expertise in “modding” and “app optimization”. It is not hard for Tencent to completely rebrand the UI/UX of the smartphone so that it fits the purpose. We expect the smartphone to come with an intense hardcore-looking UX. This is mainly because video gamers love to “get the feel of it” when gaming. There may not be any performance difference between a gaming phone and a normal smartphone. But, the “look-and-feel” of the smartphone’s body and the user interface is what wins in the eyes of a gamer.