The cultivation of various fruits and vegetable crops has become a job and a hobby of millions of people. And each gardener and farmer invests lots of effort to ensure good yield. Luckily, they have countless resources at their disposal. In the age of advanced information technologies, they can get plenty of recommendations and useful tips for growing plants from the Internet just by using their cell phone. It’s a staggering contrast compared to opportunities that were available to agronomists years ago.

Having come a long way, the best of numerous technological advances evolved in the form of agricultural and farming apps available on smartphones. And the array of such apps keeps growing. That is why we offer you to take a look at some of the most useful of such apps that are currently present on the market to give you a taste of what is out there and how it can be used to your garden or field advantage.

EOS Crop Monitoring

Crop Monitoring app is a tool designed to help farmers experience the benefits of sustainability and precision farming. For this purpose, the platform utilizes advanced satellite imagery analytics with AI algorithms to pull out all the field data necessary for growers to make effective decisions.

Here are the main features Crop Monitoring provides:

  • Analysis of plant health based on 5 vegetation indices measurements
  • For assigning and managing scouting tasks remotely via scouting app
  • Field leaderboard. Rating of fields based on changes in the average NDVI values to determine field that require attention
  • Field activity log. For smart tracking of completed and planned field activities
  • For identificatifying most and least productive areas of the field and for VRA implementation
  • 14-days forecast and historical weather data for weather patterns detection
  • Data manager. For uploading datasets on performed field activities from the field equipment to analyze its effectiveness

The app can be used by farmers, insurance companies, advisers / consultants, suppliers, and allow for:

  • Saving money thanks to VRA approach implementation
  • Saving time and money on scouting thanks to online problem areas detection and smart (data-based) scouting management
  • Mitigation of weather-related risks
  • Timely detection of negative changes in crop health


For those who always wanted a vegetable or fruit garden but don’t know where to start, Gardroid is a perfect solution. It provides useful information on growing methods for various plants among its features, including:

  • Suitable timing of sowing and harvesting
  • Desired temperature for sowing
  • Useful tips for plant care
  • Correct planting depth, row spacing, and seed spacing
  • Type of soil and fertilizer
  • Tracking of plants growth
  • Notes download
  • Notifications

As soon as you open the app, it offers a list of fruits and vegetables to give you an idea about what you might want to plant. When you decide on a fruit or vegetable, you add it to your online garden in the app. Then you add the day you planted and the app will help you to keep track of the progress, making sure the plants are getting everything they need timely.

Auction Time

This online equipment auction platform enables users to sell and purchase equipment. Here, you can search the equipment, add it to favorites, and receive alerts when that specific auction goes live to place bids as the time counts down on the auction. There is also a reputation rating system so that the customers know they can trust certain sellers.

Plant Diary

Plant Diary is a simple app for tracking home gardens, green houses, and farms online.

This is a great choice for those who are doing a small amount of gardening and do not require much aid or advice on growing plants. It can also be used by people who are only planning to grow one or two things at a time at their home or even apartment.

ID Weeds

This app allows users to access and view a list of weeds, search for weeds by their common or Latin name, or identify weeds by choosing their specific characteristics so that the app automatically suggests which weed it could be. The app also offers images of weeds for easier navigation among them.

Vegetable Tree

This app will be helpful for any homeowner with a garden. Among the main features of this app is that it provides data on the important characteristics of various plants and what they need to grow successfully. Here, users can find different tricks for growing different plants. Besides, the app can be customized to a particular garden’s specifications to help the user’s plants flourish.

The users can also create notes and even share them on social media for an interactive experience exchange with other gardeners.


This app is basically a calendar that suggests what to plant each month. Besides, it offers a guide on how to grow different garden plants, including information on when to plant and how to care for them. Most importantly, this information about growing these plants is differentiated depending on the region of cultivation, like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

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