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Want to download apk from play store? Check out a useful article about APKDownloader app that helps you to download apk files directly from play store.

Note: Using APKDownloader is against Google’s Terms of Service as it involves accessing Google Play using means ‘other than through the interface that is provided by Google’. You should note that using provided methods to access apps in the Google Play Store may technically be against the Play Store’s terms of service (we’re not entirely sure), so use this process at your own risk.

Nowadays, most of the people have used smartphone device based on any operating systems such as Android OS, Windows OS, Blackberry OS and Apple’s OS. All the people have stored their favourite data or some other files on the smartphone device. But, there is always some data or files which do not store on their device. Behind it, there are many of reasons. But, the top most reason is the lack of space in the smartphone. Just because of the lack of space on your device, there is may be some problems occur. So, here we are come up with the better solution of your problem about the short space on your smartphone device.

Yes exactly, we have the solution of your top most problem. You can easily download installable files from Google play store using this tutorial.  To download apk files from play store, you can download them by using your computer. Then, connect your smartphone to the computer and send that apk file to your smartphone. You will also be able to collect or store that APK files in the hard disk or any other device. So, now take a look at the process or the method of your solution.

There are so many ways to download APK files to your computer from Google Play Store. The very first is, by using the Browser extension. Another way to get apk files is from trustable websites.We have shown both the method of downloading the APK files directly to your PC below.

Download APK from Play Store – APKDownloader Extension 

To download APK files by using a browser extension, the browser such as Google Chrome and Firefox are probably the best browser. We are using a CodeKiem’s APK downloader extension for firefox(It was also available in Google Chrome, but it has been removed from chrome. However if you are chrome user, you can try out Direct APK Downloader chrome extension). This both extension works pretty very well with both the PC browser mentioned above.

It is one of all the downloader extension for downloading APK files. For downloading the APK files, the browser extension is must needed.

APKDownloader - Browser Addons

After downloading that extension on your computer browser, then you have to enter your email address. You must have to enter the email ID, which already exists with the account of Google Play Store. After that, the same email ID you have to enter your device ID, after one or two steps. In short, the extension file which is downloaded by you, that requires your email ID to make a log in.

Easy Download of APK files by using a Browser ExtensAs we talking about the word device ID above, to find out Android device ID you have to download an application which is called as Device ID from Google play store. When you open this device ID app, it will bring up your email ID. Download This app from play store using below links.

App Name

The Device ID has some details like your email addresses along with device code name. You are also be able to use any one of the email addresses and password for login. It is the app, which is help you to find your Android ID for APKDownloader.

Easy Download of APK files by using a Browser ExtensioOnce after finishing all steps there, you will be able to download any apk files to your computer. After doing all the steps, go to the Google Play Store and download the app which you want, to a computer. If you have noticed, it shows an option of “Download APK“, instead of an option of ‘install’ or ‘buy’. Now, click on the option of Download APK for downloading the app you want to download.

Here we have discussed the information on how to download APK files by using a browser extension. Do let us know if you are using any other browser extension to download google play store files. Check method below to install this downloaded apk file to your smartphone device.

How To install external apk on Mobile

Now, we will discuss that how to install APK files on your Android smartphone device. Like above information, this process also takes some easy steps for easy installation of APK files to your Android device.

 Downloading & installing apk files to mobile

  • First of all, enable an option of “Unknown Sources” by going into Security in the Settings of your Android device. It is must for transferring of the APK files from your PC device.

Install apk on android

  • Now, make a connection between your smartphone to the computer by using a Proper USB cable.
  • By making an only proper connection, the important drivers may automatically installed to your Android phone.
  • After that, now make a copy of the APK files you have downloaded on your desktop device, to transfer on the smartphone device.
  • Then, open the main menu of your Android device and go to the downloads folder by using a menu of File Manager. Find the APK files and just tap on the APK files, which have been recently you got from your PC.
  • It shows prompts for taking a permission of user and after it automatically installs to your smartphone.
  • Very important thing, please do not forget to disable an option of “Unknown Sources”, for your as well as your smartphone device’s security.

Now, here we have completed the first way of easy download to APK files. As we discussed ago, there are two ways to download of APK files. So, now we will discuss the second way of downloading. The second method of downloading APK files from Play Store takes place by using a certain website. We also discussed that this is the method which generates a particular link of APK files for users.

Download apk Files from Online Resources

There are few websites online that provide downloading of apk files. One of those sites like APK Downloader where you will need to enter URL of apps, and it will generate a direct download link for you. Check out below procedure to download apk files from Evozi Apkdownloader website. 

  • First of all, open the Google Play Store and find out the app, which you want to download.
  • That app will provide you with a specific URL at the address bar. Now, make a copy of that URL of the app.
  • After that, go to the website called as Evozi’s APK Downloader and write or paste that URL in the box which is provided by website at the top.

Easy Download of APK files by using a Browser Extension

  • Then, click on the Generate download link button to generate the specific download link for the app that you want to download. Save that to your computer once prompted.
  • Now, transfer that particular link of the app to your smartphone device from the PC, by using a USB cable. And then download and install that app.

Here, all the two ways of download the APK files have completed. We hope that this information should make your all the process of downloading APK files very easy.

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