Hey guys, If you are Android application developer or learning android application development, you might probably looking for editing or modifying Android apps. You might also choose How to Edit APK files & also when you first learned how to decompile, modify then recompile .apks; it seems little tough that it’s looking. Here in this post, we would go to discuss editing APK files from Android using APK Editing Tool, that will help you to edit apk files or even modify APK files directly from your Android smartphones.

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How to Edit Apk Files using APK Editor for Android

Android APK Editor

There is an app on the Google Play Store, and its name is APK Editor. You can search for APK editors on Google Play Store and download and install it. After installing apps editor, you will be given options like select an APK file, and another option would be preferred APK from an app.

If you select an APK file(first option) it would display you apps folder from your device memory, and if you choose another option, you will be shown apps icon for easier finding. Select the app you want to edit from your smartphone, and it will open.

Edit APK Files

There will be three options. First one is a string, the second one is a resource, and third one is manifest, depending on your requirement, you choose the option and edit Android apps from your Android device. After modification of the file, you can easily save it to see the effect.

APK Editor Features:

  • Easily convert apk to source code using a simple android app.
  • Edit Android APK files from your smartphone.
  • Compile and Decompile Android apps from your smartphone.
  • No need to use any APK Editor Software for PC.

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