After the long time of purchasing any android powered or another OS powered Smartphone and Tablets, some problems are comes. The problem like low performance than more, battery backup, hang up etc. After some problems, your device will give very poor performance than more. So here, we will write this article on one of the most problem which is occurs in most of the android devices. This article is related to the Starting Up problem which is mostly occurs in smart phone and even in tablets, after the sometimes of using.

In this article, we will mention the methods, by which you may be able to Start Up Problems in your Android Smartphones and Android Tablets. So, take a look of the solution methods of Starting Up problem of your android devices.

First of all, we will mention easy methods which will help you to start up your device.

Long Press the Power Key of your device

If your device is in turned off condition and you want to start up it, then press and hold the Power Button of your device. But even after pressing the Power key of device, your device will not start up, then please remove the battery of device. After some time of removing battery, set it in the device properly.

Method 1 to Starting Up Android Device

Charge the battery of Device

If your smart phone device will not start up after the lots of try, it may be possible with lack of battery power. In this kind of condition, connect your device to the Charger plug and start the charging of your device.

Method 2 to Starting Up Android Device

If your smart phone device will not start up even after performing the method which is mentioned above, then there is may be some problem in the software device. So, in this type of situation, long pressing of Power key and charging of device will not help you to start up the device. Then, you will have to perform the method which is mentioned below.

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Factory Reset by booting Device into Recovery Mode

If your smart pone device is switched off and you want to perform this method then you can do it. So here, we will mention an easy step-to-step instructions on this method. With the help of below procedure, you will be able to start  your android device. But, also keep in mind that, you have to do this process when your smartphone device is in switched off condition.

Procedure :

  • To get started, first of all you will have to boot your android device into the Recovery mode. To booting your device into Recovery mode, you have to press Volume Up Button + Volume down Button + Power Button of your device at a time. You can also boot your device into Recovery mode by pressing the Volume Up Key + Home Key + Power Key together.
  • If you are successful to boot your smart phone into Recovery mode, then screen will start with an Android with open chest panel of it.

Method 3 to Starting Up Android Device

  • You must used the Volume Up Key and Volume Down Key until your device is into the Recovery mode.
  • Then, press Power Key of device to reboot your device into Recovery mode.
  • After that, press Power key once again and also Volume Up key.
  • Now, choose an option of Wipe Data/Factory Reset with the help of Volume Up and Down key.
Method 3 to Starting Up Android Device 1
  • Then, click on Yes to prompts and hold the Power key for continue.

We hope that, with the help of these easy methods you can solve the problem of starting up the android smart phone or tablet device.

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