As we know that, nowadays all the android based smart phone devices and tablet devices are comes with little or more internal memory storage space. It is become very helpful to us to saved all the images and video recordings, which has been captured by the camera of the device.

Besides that, most of the smart phone as well as tablet devices are comes with a slot for an external micro SD card to store too many of precious and important moments of our life. We can also stores many of apps, data or files in micro SD cards. It is also helpful to store your favorite contents like movies, songs etc.

But, sometimes due to some little mistakes or without mistakes, our smart phones and tablet devices could not read the micro SD card suddenly. Mostly all the android devices users would have facing this kind of problem. If you are one of them and still you are worried about that kind of issue, then now don’t worry about it. Because, this article is related to the issue of “Android Tablets and Android Phone Not Reading SD Card”.

So now, we will mention some solutions of that issue of micro SD card which is not reading by any android smart phones and tablet devices. So, take a look of the solution and enjoy the micro SD card in your android powered device.

Android device not reading Micro SD Card 0

Checking the Issues :

If you are facing the problem which we are discussing above then go to the place in your device, which is write up below.

  • Go to the “File Manager” by going into “Menu” of your device.
  • After going into “File Manager”, go to the “Memory Card” under the “Phone”.

But, this issue is occurred by micro SD card, so the screen of device will not be able to show the SD card. Then, take out the micro SD card outside from your android device. After taking out the SD card from your device, then connect it to the PC by any device. Then, open the “My Computer” part and open the “Properties” of the SD card by clicking the right click and click on format to format it.

After the formatting, your android based device may be read your micro SD card.

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Slot for micro SD card spoiled : 

After the many of tries, still your android device will not reading micro SD card, then try a new or another SD card for testing. If still your device will not reading SD device after inserting the new micro SD card, then there is may be some problem in the slot of micro SD card. So, make some changes in the slot of micro SD card to use it.

Android device not reading micro SD card

Also check the micro SD card in other android based device which has not been reading by earlier discuss device. Make sure that, there is problem in your android powered smartphone and tablets or in the micro SD card.

We hope that, the description about the problem of micro SD card will become very helpful to you and you can solve your problem as soon as possible.

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