Since the official reveals of the revolutionary foldable flagship by Samsung, the Galaxy Fold, the smartphone, and its foldable display is the big buzz around in the industry. People are ready to accept any small detail about the Galaxy Fold that hasn’t been revealed officially yet.

Rumor mills and speculations are going wild. While we wait for the smartphone to actually officially launch globally, let’s discuss a few unannounced details about the Samsung Galaxy Fold that have just recently been revealed by an early user.

Who is an early user?

While the ultimate next-gen smartphone hasn’t been launched, Samsung has sent a few units to very specific reviewers to review the smartphone. The South Korean tech giant has put these reviewers under very strict guidelines that prevent them from showing off any images or videos of the smartphones that they have received from the company. However, the reviewers are not banned from sharing light details about the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

One of these early users – who have chosen to stay unidentified – decided to host a Q&A on Twitter where he answered a lot of questions that we consumers would have in mind about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold.

One of the main concerns that people have been talking about since the reveal of the smartphone is that the hinge design may not be the safest option to go for in such an expensive device.

Many people asked about the sturdiness and strength of the hinge design and whether the hinge will open in the opposite direction if a force is applied to it by accident. The user told that the hinge is quite sturdy and the smartphone doesn’t bend in the opposite direction at all.

We also wanted to know if there is a clear crease in the center from where the two displays fold. The reviewer told that the crease is visible but he was very confident that it doesn’t ruin the experience at all and it isn’t a bad thing. The early user also mentioned that when the main display is active and the brightness is at or above 70 percent, the crease is difficult to spot.

A respondent asked if the Samsung Galaxy Fold can be used while the main display opened at a 90-degree angle. The reviewer told his followers that the smartphone’s display simply doesn’t activate until the device is fully opened. The user said that even if the display did come on, the hinge won’t sturdily grip the two sides when the device is half opened. In simpler words, the hinge grips the two sides when they are almost fully opened or almost fully closed.

The Q&A session also revealed a few flaws in the UI/UX performance of the device. For instance, Chrome doesn’t render pages to full screen right away when the device is opened. It takes 2-3 seconds for Chrome to re-render the open webpages to full screen. The reviewer told that these flaws will surely be fixed before the launching.

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