Want to buy headphones? here are the great deals from Amazon for you. If you are planning to buy Jabra Elite series headphones, you might be eligible to get 15% back on your Amazon Prime credit card. Read this post further to check your eligibility.

Jabra Elite series headphones deals amazon

This 15% back offer is only valid for eligible prime members. If you are not Amazon prime member yet, you can try 30 days free trial of Amazon Prime from here. You should also have Amazon Prime credit card. If you don’t have one, you can apply for Amazon Prime credit card from here.

This offer is valid for entire October 2018, so you will be able to get a total 15% back when you buy Jabra Elite series headphones with an Amazon Prime credit card.

How to Access Prime Card Bonus Rewards

The first step is to apply for Amazon Prime Credit Card. (You can apply for Amazon Prime store card or amazon prime reward visa card.)

Now shop prime card bonus items. Once you get approval, you can add eligible items to your shopping cart.

Now shop using your Prime credit card. (You will need to select Amazon prime credit card as your payment method for your order.

Amazon Prime Visa Card

Amazon Prime Store Card

You can apply for Amazon credit cards by using the above links. Check out below link to find out some more products on which you can catch attractive deals.

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