Amazon has launched smart speakers in India named as Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Echo. These all speakers are powered by Alexa that is expected to go on sale before this Diwali 2017. Price for these devices is expected to range from 4999 INR to 14999. Echo Dot will be priced at 4999 INR, Amazon Echo will be priced at 9999 INR while Amazon Echo plus will be available at price tag of 14999 INR.

After launching those devices in India by around October 30, it will be launched in Japan. The company is currently giving away discount of 30% to the eligible customer along with 1 year of Amazon prime membership offer.Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot

Those are Alexa powered devices with which you can talk to. Suppose you want to know current time, you can ask them. They will tell you the time. Suppose you want to know the distance between Gujarat & Delhi, you ask them and it will tell you. This all three speakers support voice-based input in both English & Non-English languages.

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If you are interested in buying any of that device, head over to Amazon link here. You will get 30% OFF on all echo devices along with FREE 1 year Amazon Prime membership.

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