A run through the best payment apps for Android users
In the past, cash used to be king. You would see people stop off at ATMs
to withdraw piles of cash, but this method of payment is fast becoming

As a digital-first society, going cashless has become the way forward,
and for many, it represents a much more seamless form of payment.

Some will even leave their cards at home if they are Android users, and
there is many an app where you can place your phone on the top of
the cardholder and the payment will be carried out.

But what are the best mobile payment apps to use? We have run
through a few of the most well known payment apps, and explain what
makes them special. Scroll down below as we reveal our findings.

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Since launching in 2017, Zelle has carried out an astonishing 5 billion
transactions totaling over $1.5 trillion. Operated by Early Warning Services (EWS), a digital payments platform, Zelle is a fast and easy way for Android users to send money.

You can get started simply by entering your email or mobile banking app with the Zelle app, picking a recipient to send the cash, and the rest is easy. Zelle is synced up with most mobile banking apps, and you won’t incur additional transaction fees.  Compatible with most US banks, Zelle is deemed to be the fastest payment method when the sender and recipient are both signed up.

While it is a convenient method for users to make bank-to-bank transfers, it has also become more widely used by small businesses to help improve their cash flow, and it is gaining more traction.


One of the longest-standing payment platforms out there, PayPal, is used worldwide, and it is great for sending money to friends or paying for goods online through Amazon and other notable outlets.

Aside from working internationally, PayPal is very safe and secure, complete with the latest two-factor authenticator codes; you don’t need to worry about your financial or other personal data being exposed when using the app.

The app is free, and PayPal comes with bonus payment features, such as scanning a QR code, which adds extra security to proceedings.

It is ubiquitous and will appeal to all consumers, as it is a smooth payment method. Even those who gamble on slots or classic table games online, such as roulette and blackjack, will benefit from using PayPal.

For example, glancing at some of the most reputable fast withdrawal casino UK sites, such as Casushi and Unibet, shows that PayPal remains a trusted option. You can use PayPal to claim the bonuses they run on their respective sites, and withdrawal checks are
carried out quickly before payouts are processed, which will delight players.


While Venmo may have more limitations regarding acceptance at retailers, unlike PayPal, it should be viewed as the money companion to Facebook. Yes, you heard that correctly. Venmo works for Android users, and signing up or registering an account can be done via

It will connect to your Facebook contacts, and there are free transactions if carrying out payments with a credit card, and the fact that it has a good social edge should be celebrated.

There have been several upgrades to Venmo in recent years, including offering CVS shoppers a QR code to pay for items at the checkout and allowing users to sell products and personal services, albeit for a small fee.

Cash App

Cash app is one of the more versatile payments out there. Whether you wish to send money, spend it, or buy stocks and even Bitcoin, Cash App will be the one for you if you are an Android user.

And if you are a consumer, you can save money and gain exclusive discounts when you sign up for Cash App pay or get a Cash card. You could bag a discount at one of your favorite participating stores with a simple tap.

Moreover, Cash App uses cutting-edge encryption and the latest fraud detection technology to keep users safe, whether using public or private Wi-Fi or data service, such as 3G, 4G, or 5G. While it might not get as hype as, say, PayPal or Venmo, it is still a handy app.

Final Thoughts

Mobile payment apps have made our lives more convenient, and it’s fair to say that there isn’t a one-fits-all type of payment app. Each of the ones we have described above is among the most popular, and millions worldwide trust them.

But whatever payment method you use, you should have full confidence and get value from the app. If you have felt inspired by what you read, check out our preferred apps today!

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