HTC is one of the strong competitors for all the smartphone manufacturers. The way they are providing the classic features to their smartphones, people would also like to use HTC devices. HTC 10 is also a full featured smartphone. But, as the phone is used, some problems are in the queue to come. This may be the experience of all the smartphone users that they have faced some problems as the phone used. So, here we are coming to make the HTC 10 users worry-free. Yes, because we are discussing 7 HTC 10 Problems and Fix.

And yeah, do not worry about the solutions of the problems. Here, that will also discuss. But, before moving on the topic, we would like to discuss the features and specs of the HTC 10. HTC 10 comes with a 5.2 inches Quad HD Super LCD 5 multi-capacitive touch screen display. The screen resolution is very high up to 2560 x 1440 pixels. It can support Nano SIM. This HTC device has 12 MP Back Camera and 5 MP Front Camera. It also supports most sensors along with Fingerprint Sensors.

HTC 10 is powered by a 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 64-bit Quad Core Processor. It runs on an Android 6 Marshmallow OS with HTC Sense on the top. You will get 32 GB internal memory space, with the option of memory expansion up to 2 TB. 4 GB RAM also comes with this mobile phone. It also has 3000 mAh battery. All the connectivity features are also able to connect you with the world.

But, even after having all the powerful features, the problems occur as the time goes. So, to get familiar with the problems and to solve that you just need to check this discussion. So, have a look at the discussion of 7 HTC 10 Problems and Fix.

HTC 10 Problems & Fix

As an HTC 10 user, if you have noticed the above-listed issue on your mobile, then apply the below trick.

7 HTC 10 Problems and Fix

Display Issue

The display issue is one of the most likely issues nowadays taking place on the smartphone. If it is not resolved in some time, then it may be the huge issue. So, if you do not want to face such kind of situation, think about the solution. The possible solutions to get rid of the issue are discussed below.

  • Some HTC 10 users have noticed that sometimes the colorful points are taking place without any reason on the screen. So, to solve that, you should have to use Screen Equalizer. This app will help you to get out from the issue.
  • This HTC mobile comes with built-in color adjust options. To make some changes in that pre-settings of the display, you should have to go through that options. This option comes below the Settings of the HTC 10.
  • If you have kept your mobile at the place where it gets the direct sunlight, then it id not good. Sometimes, it also invites such kind of display issues on HTC 10. So, never leave the phone where the Sun is waiting to damage your mobile display.
  • At the end of all the fixes, if the issue remains same, then the replacement the best idea.

Auto Rebooting Issue

This issue mostly occurs when there is some problem in the Hardware of the device.So, we can say that the base of this issue is the faulty hardware. It is one of the most irritating issues for most of the users. Now, to solve it rapidly, just apply the below tricks.

  • Sometimes, the external micro SD card would like to create such kind of conditions to off the mobile. So, if you are using the SD card, then try to remove it out and insert again. If the SD card is such issue producer, then with this process, it will fix.
  • A bunch of the cached data in the mobile also sometimes invite the rebooting of the device. So, the removing of cached data is one of the biggest solutions to get out from the issue. To do so,  just go to the Settings > App Manager > All Tab > Select the app > Clear data. You have to select the app one-by-one.
  • After that, you can also try the Wipe Cache Partition process. This is also a simple process to follow. For that, turn off the device and, press & hold the Power Button + Volume Up Button+ Home ButtonLeave the Power key as soon as the phone vibrates, but still, holding the rest of two buttons. Then, you should see the Android recovery screenHere, by using the Volume Down button select the Wipe Cache Partition option. Then, select it by using the Power button. Wait till the completion of the process.
  • Factory Data Reset also helps you to fix up the auto rebooting issue of the HTC 10. But, before moving ahead, make sure about the backup of all the data and files.
    • Factory Data Reset will completely erase all of your data. To perform it, go to Settings >> Backup and Reset >> Factory Data Reset >> Reset Phone. The process may take a while, so you have to wait until the end. 
  • If you are still facing the issue, you should visit the service center 0f the HTC if warranty exists. 

Wi-Fi Issue

Wi-Fi is the service which helps you to surf the internet even without having the mobile data. It is really a helpful feature for all the smartphone users. However, it does not mean that it will never have issues. Some of the users also state that the Wi-Fi issue is also one of the common issues for HTC mobile. So, to have an issue-less Wi-Fi feature, you should try below tricks.

  • The Wi-Fi Analyzer is an app, that might help you yo get rid of. It is really a helpful tool to which will make you out from the Wi-Fi issue. So, to have this app, just go to the Play Store and download the Wi-Fi Analyzer app.
  • After that, the simple solution is the rebooting. It will not work all time, but sometimes it helps you.
  • Sometimes, many previous network connections also create issues. So, the removing or deleting of that connections might fix the Wi-Fi issue. To delete those connections, go to the Settings > Wi-Fi or Wireless Connectivity. Here, tap and hold on the network with which you want to delete. Then, select the Forget option.
  • Some Battery Saver options would also be looking for creating some issues. So, at that time, you have to disable those options. You can do that by going into the Settings of the HTC 10 smartphone.

Bluetooth Issue

Bluetooth was a blessed feature to share the files when there was no WiFi option. And along with the latest file sharing features, the Bluetooth gets ignored by most of the users.

Although, some users still using this features with their device. To share the files using the Bluetooth, you have to make a connection. But sometimes, due to some malfunctioning in Bluetooth, this file sharing feature does not work properly. And, if you are also facing such Bluetooth issue, then to repair it as it was before, try the fix.

  • You can also get rid of from such issues, by reading the user manual of the device carefully.
  • If you want to use the Bluetooth with the Car, then Car user manual also helps you. At there, read the instructions of pairing correctly.
  • Lots of paired device also makes such issues. So, it is a good decision if you delete all that paired devices on your device. Then, try to make a pair your device with a new device through the Bluetooth.
  • You can also use the Bluetooth Auto Connect app. It is readily freely available at the Google Play Store for all the Android users. 

Switching issue while switching from Wi-Fi to Mobile Data

To surf the world of the internet, you must have a data connection or Wi-Fi connection. And, HTC 10 works well even for both the tools which open the door to the internet world. But, some users have found the trouble, when they switch from Wi-Fi to a data connection. It means, the data connection takes the time to connect even after disabling the Wi-Fi. So, to get out from this issue, just follow the below simple solution.

  • First of all, check that the Wi-Fi option is disabled or not. Because, in some devices, both this, Wi-Fi and data connection feature will not work at a time. So if you have faced such situation, then make sure that the status of the Wi-Fi option.
  • The activated Wi-Fi calling feature may be the base of this kind of issue. So simply, to get rid of from, you just have to deactivate the feature on the device. To do so, Settings >> Advanced Calling Settings >>  Wi-Fi Calling >> Disable. It should help you to get a solution of the issue of switching the data connection.

Home Button Not Working

In most of the latest smartphones, the great Fingerprint Sensor is located with the Home Button. This sensor is enhancing the safety and security of the mobile. But, what to do when an issue is with the Home Button itself? If the home button is not working, it means you are not longer able to use the Fingerprint Sensor. To use the feature, you have to solve whatever the issue is running with the home button. To fix it, you should take help from the tricks mentioned below.

  • The easiest solution for this issue is the restarting of the HTC 10 mobile. It will sometimes be able to repair the slow working ability of the Home Button. Try to fix the issue by restarting the HTC 10 mobile.
  • If the issue is not fixed, then the best option is Wipe Cache Partition process. To do so, turn off the device and, press & hold the Power Button + Volume Up Button+ Home ButtonLeave the Power key as soon as the phone vibrates, but do not leave the rest of two buttons. Then, you should see the Android recovery screenHere, by using the Volume Down button select the Wipe Cache Partition option. Then, select it by using the Power button. Wait till the completion of the process. 
  • Even after that, still, the issue is there, then the reason of it is may be the Faulty hardware. Now, to repair it, you should have to go to the Authorised Service Center of the HTC. If the warranty of the device exists, then do not late to go there.
  • The Replacement of the device is also one of the best solutions if none of the fixes are working.

Touch Screen Issue

The HTC 10 device comes with a huge 5.2 inches display. It will allow you to take a joy of gaming and videos. However, some of the users also have stated some touchscreen issues. They have also noticed that sometimes the touch and pressed cannot be recognized by the screen. So, some of the actions can not be done with such kind of faulty touch display. So, to solve it, you have to apply some tricks. We have mentioned below some possible tricks to repair the issue. Try it.

  • To taste the sensitivity of the touch display, you should have to go with the Screen Touch Test app. You can download the Screen Touch Test app to check out that the display is faulty or not. To download it, visit the market of all Android Apps, Google Play Store. This app can easily recognize the insensitive part of the screen with the every touch.
  • The final option to get rid of the issue is the Replacement of the HTC 10 Mobile. If you do not want to replace it, then the Service Center is also the best option. Service Center may have a better solution than the replacement.

Here, we have finished the discussion of 7 HTC 10 Problems and Fix. In which, we have discussed the most common 7 HTC 10 Problems and Fix. We hope that, by using which you should be able to repair any of the issues with the HTC 10.

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