Did you think that the Samsung Galaxy A devices will be a huge success in India? Well, they are more than a huge success in one of the largest Asian countries according to what Samsung has been reporting. Just 40 days after the launch of the Galaxy A series in India, Samsung released a report which showed that the company sold over 2 million units of the Galaxy A series since the launching in India. The raging momentum doesn’t stop there. Samsung claims that its Galaxy A sales in India have reached the 5 million mark. Samsung India says that the Galaxy A series has generated $1 billion in revenue for the tech giant.

According to a report, Samsung is expecting its revenues for the fiscal year 2019 to cross the $4 billion mark. If we observe the South Korean tech giant’s business plans in India, it seems that the company is expecting that the Samsung Galaxy A series of smartphones will play a key role in achieving this goal. It is also worth mentioning that Samsung was able to generate $5.3 billion in revenue in India for the fiscal year 2018 – which ended in March.

Samsung has performed a huge stunt in the Indian mobile market by launching the Galaxy A series. The price of the most basic smartphone in the family costs just INR 5,300 (equivalent to $75 according to exchange rates at press time) while the scale goes up to INR 29,000 (equivalent to $200 according to exchange rates at press time. Samsung’s Galaxy A series has hit a sweet spot of INR 14,000 (equivalent to $200).

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Image Credits: https://www.counterpointresearch.com/chinese-brands-capture-record-66-indian-smartphone-market-q1-2019/

This move can also be linked to the fact that while Samsung is dominating India’s premium smartphone market section, it is being heavily competed in the low- and mid-range price segments in India. According to Samsung, Oppo and Xiaomi are currently its top-running rivals in these segments. This scenario can be verified by the data presented by Counterpoint Research too. Counterpoint is a global industry analyst firm headquartered in Hong Kong.

Samsung has shipped 23% of all smartphones sold in India in the first quarter of 2019. Samsung’s rival Xiaomi surpasses that figure by selling 29% of all smartphones in the country within the same timeframe.

5 Million Samsung Galaxy A Devices Sold in India In Almost 2 Months 2
Image Credits: https://www.counterpointresearch.com/chinese-brands-capture-record-66-indian-smartphone-market-q1-2019/

VIVO has also shown up in the chart by selling 12% of all smartphones in India, even more than Oppo. This is surprising because VIVO accounted for only 6% of all smartphones sold during the first quarter of 2018. According to Counterpoint’s report, among all the top runners, VIVO has grown the most in one year (by 6 percent).

Even more surprising is Realme’s performance in India. The company’s sales in Q1 2018 weren’t even recorded by researchers at the time. In the sales of Q1 2019, Realme accounts for 7 percent of all smartphones sold in the Indian market. Could it be the next competitor that Samsung will have to worry about?

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